My experience with Epilight


I just saw Andrea’s post about the website, and I have to say I’m a little disappointed that so many people have not had good results. I wish the website would have went into more detail into exactly how it didn’t work; for instance, did it just not work as well as they had promised or did it not work at all?

Anyway, I posted back in June, I think, about my Epilight experience with my beard area. I’m not a transexual or anything, but I hate, hate, hate hair on my face, and I would just like most of it to be gone. It’s just a thing of mine that drives me crazy. I just had another session last week, so I thought I would update.

Last week, I had my fifth session for the whole beard area, the sixth for my chin and upper lip. I’m still waiting for the hair to fall out from this last session. When I last wrote, I was very pleased with the results. The last session before this past one was in July, so I’ve had time to see how long the results would last. Needless to say, I found my beard getting somewhat thicker. Not a lot, but noticable, to me anyway. But then I read somewhere(I think here), that some hair grows back after about 2 months, so I felt better. Anyway, I think overall, I’m still not as pleased with the results as I used to be. After having 4 full(5 on chin and upper lip) treatments-and not counting the one I just had-my beard is not as sparse as I think it should be after having that many treatments. Granted, it is thinner, but if I had to guess, I’d say there is only about half clearance. I guess that’s not bad, but it definitely is not the claim of “having almost full clearance after three treatments” that I read on the internet. (My practicioner didn’t tell me that, though)

I guess I just don’t know if my results are disappointing or if they are normal. Maybe I should have went with laser treatment. An Epilight treatment is really about half the cost of a laser treatment(atleast for the beard, anyway), but what is the difference really, if you have to have a lot more Epilight sessions to equal results obtained with laser? Of course, I didn’t know this when I started the treatments, but the I thought the price was very good.

I don’t know. I’ll see how I feel after the hair falls out from this last session. I may have one or two more sessions, we’ll have to see. My feelings on the results right now are mixed, and I’m a little disappointed. But I’ll let you all know what the results are from this last treatment.

Does anyone else here have any any Epilight experiences?


I wanted to post the results from my last (fifth) session. My hair finally fell out last week, after about two weeks from when I got the procedure.

Well, I love the results. I’ve definitely had very good results with this. My face is wonderfully smooth. I still think I may have one more session.

My only concern now is that the hair may not stay gone.


Let’s hope you stay pleased! Keep us posted! :smile:


I had Epilight done for over a year and spent over 1000 dollars. The hairs grew back and plus I have scars. My advice dont use it. Good Luck!!


What kinds of scars do you have? What caused them exactly? What is your skin type and what kinds of hairs did you have removed.

I’m probably going to undergo the Epilight myself very soon, so I’d appreciate the info.




The only true way to find out if hairs are gone for good is when your course of treatment is complete and you have a long gap without treatment ie at least 3-4 months. It is always difficult to tell how sucessful progress is in between treatment as When you attend your next treatment, it is likely that many ‘treated’ hairs are still in the growing process underneath the skin.