My experience with an Epilady Legend

Howdy howdy, long time lurker, first time poster :). Anyway, first the details: I am male :). I wakeboard as far into the season as I can and I wear a shorty wetsuit to do so. I used to shave the upper part of my legs and nethers so avoid hair removal by wetsuit. More recently I purchased an epilady legend (partly because it was cheapish and partly because I didn’t know if I would like it, but mostly because I didn’t read this forum). I’ve tried waxing/sugaring, but it is too much of a pain to do solo.
I can handle a lot of pain and it was a good thing to cuz that puppy hurt. It is an unremorseful device to state it mildly. Funny thing (maybe?) is that after you are into it, it doesn’t really ‘hurt’ anymore, it just feels weird.
I don’t like the epilady. For the mankini area it was scary brutal because that puppy requires you ‘drive’ it over bumps and curves and whatnot (and angle it to work properly so it pulls the hair instead of breaking it). Super annoying. I also have stretch marks on the inside of my thighs from a dark time. Lol before I could really figure out what happened it drove up a stretch mark leaving blood blisters all the way, about 2 ~3 inches. That skin is just super thin. In retrospect I’ll have to get some assistance next time for that. I have unusual hair follicles in that I get 2 for 1 hairs. Maybe it isn’t the same EXACT follicle, but it is close enough to be undistinguishable until you actually pull it. That being said I have ingrown hairs because (I think anyway) I didn’t use that darn thing correctly. I even did my butt, and amazingly enough I don’t have a single red bump or ingrown there at all. Just the fatty parts I suppose. A similar situation happened when I sugared, but I think it is because I didn’t pull in the correct direction. So I’ve decided I don’t mind the epilator process all that much, yes it hurts, it is time consuming (prolly due to that POS epilady), but the results are great.

So, I was cleaning it after wifey got a hold of it (she loves it in spite of everything and uses it on her legs - not brave enough to try the bikini area yet, but I’m not recommending that with the epilady) and I decided to try to do my face. I’ve got a baby face so I don’t have much hair anyway so I figured what the hay, I’ll give it a shot. WOW. I know the ratio of hurt to passing out thanks to me being kinda stupid and that epilady sucking so bad. Nonetheless, I stuck to it and did my entire face and above my lip. It hurt so bad I had to take a break and break out the dental night guard to avoid crushing teeth lol (not kidding :D). The upper lip was amazingly painful. I’ve done it a couple of times since then and the hurt does go away. My face is really EZ to do, I was surprised.

All in all I’m going to stick with the process, but change the equipment. The legs and the nethers are prone to ingrown hairs, but I think I’ve learned a lot since my first attempt. Plus, I like to touch ingrown hairs, I can’t help myself :(. I’m going to get better at leaving well enough alone - I’ll have to lol. I’m preparing to make myself a batch of homemade tendskin because it is too easy and the loofa isn’t getting it done.
Anywho, that is my experience. I’ve had the death machine for 2 months now and can wait to trade up. :slight_smile:
These forums are great!


You will want to do something a little more permanent rather than use this on your face. While leg hairs may thin and possibly stop growing with time, the facial hairs will only get thicker, deeper, and more distorted if you continue to use this torture device on your visage.

But thanks for the post, and do keep us informed.

As someone who used to pluck out large sections of their facial hair, I can tell you James isn’t kidding :sick:

If you ever think you will opt to have electrolysis to have the hair on your face permanently removed, you should really stop using the epilady on your face. Zapping undistorted male terminal hairs on the face that has never been plucked can be uncomfortable… zapping badly distorted hairs caused by plucking can be excruciatingly painful :crazy:

(Distorting the hairs will also cause problems with laser treatment, as I also learned the hard way.)

Aww that is discouraging because I get such great results. Hurts a great deal initially, but I hardly notice it anymore. Shaving causes me way more grief :(. Hmm…