my experience (vasculight) + question

I have had two treatments with Vasculight(IPL), I believe it uses a Yag head though. It has several heads for different purposes one of them being hair removal.

As far as hair removal, I’m satisfied thus far. I’m having my upper chest and the back of my neck done. On my neck i’ve had very good results, and my chest is coming along very well also.

I am VERY light skinned (some freckles), yet I feel I am experiencing pigment change, but it is very slight. Do you think that by going with a lower setting this could be reduced? I saw the setting and it was 40 joules I believe. And she went down to 38 on my neck, which I can’t see any pigment change, just my upper chest and a little on the shoulder she did. I’m pretty shaken up about this because electrolysis caused pigment change so I can’t go with that, and now this… Any help would be appreciated. I’ve got another appointment in 9 days so I’m going to have her lower the settings possibly and we’ll see how that goes.

Also I stayed red for almost a week after treatment, so could this maybe be too high?

yes, sounds like a bit of too high of a setting. try lowering a bit. it can’t be a Yag “head,” Yag is a machine type. If it’s a machine that has both a Yag and IPL built in, they would be changing the settings, not just the head. IPL is used for hair removal as well, so it could be just that. it’s just usually not as effective for hair removal as the true lasers (with few exceptions) and i see a lot more posts from people using IPLs reporting finer growth after treatment, but still hair coming back rather than removing is completely.