My experience so far

I have pretty much cleared my lower legs, but now I see regrowth. I am perplexed, and maybe I did not do enough research on this…for I thought it was not coming back after being zapped. Today I was told there can be 30% regrowth, but it is finer than before (that does seem true, not as dark either). But still… I figured after all the hours and pain it would not have been back at all.

I gave up on lasre now, after 2 treatments because I didnt see a big differnce (yes I know 2 times is not enough) but I hated that the sun is a no-no and I had been burned by the laser and now still have bug white patches on my arms, that look pretty weird.

I have now started electrolysis on my bikini.

Were the legs treated with electrolysis or laser? If you saw regrowth with laser, do not fret as this is common among some. If you saw regrowth with electrolysis, continue zapping. This is likely either hairs that have not been completely zapped or have not been treated. Hair growth cycles are apparently not very accomodating to those wishing to rid themselves of this plague. How long have you been receiving treatment as well as how often can also be key factors in determining your sucess. Regardless, do not give up and continue to post.

<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> I never did laser on my lower legs, only electrolysis. I started it around Thanksgiving time, 2004. So it has been a few months working on this. I figured since the scabs were so horrnedous that the leg hairs WERE completely zapped! Oh well, we shall continue and see what happens.

From the limited bit I know, it will take longer than the three or four months after Thanksgiving. Although if you have already seen a difference by now you are in good shape. As they often say here, the best thing to do is to work towards the first clearance, and then continue to clear the area after that. I imagine the more you do this, the less you will have to clear. If your electrologist understands this, you are in good shape.

Hang in there. At any given time, a very large percentage of leg follicles are resting - more so than most other places on the body. That means they’re not available for treatment. I’ve now done three complete clearings, and the hairs keep on coming. If I weren’t confident that electrolysis works, I’d be concluding it doesn’t.

Very true. I am sticking it out no matter what. I gave up on the laser maybe too soon without giving it a fair chance but I know this is the tried and true method. I had my treatments with the SpectraClear (as I had posted in the laser forum some time ago).

Yes, she explained that to me. I will let you know how it goes.