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i thought i posted this already, but i don’t see my post anywhere on here, so anyways…i have used the clean and easy (which is like the same as the one touch)for maybe a month, however, not very consistently. i did it sometimes once a week, and sometimes not at all for the week. i’ve noticed that when i do it, for the most part, i get a clear sheath, and to my understanding that’s the best stage to get the hair in b/c it’s most likely not to come back…well i haven’t noticed any major improvements yet, but i’m still going to use it until i see some real difference. i plan on going to a professional for the abdomen and breasts, although i might do the breasts myself? i don’t know yet, i was just wondering if this experience is similar to anyone else to lead me in the right direction on how to carry on doing it. i was also wondering if anyone who is currently using the one touch or clean and easy has had success and after how long did you see results, and how often did you use the one touch/clean and easy. anyones advice would be appreciated as always…i was also wondering if 100-500 U.S. dollars was sufficent to get the hair removed for the abdomen area professionally altogether, is that how much it costs for permanent removal…james, that question is really for you. thanks!! Happy Holidays~~!!! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

Although that range sounds good you must keep in mind how electrolysis costs are figured:

No one can tell you hoW much it Will cost, or hoW long it Will take you because there are too many variables to make that call Without seeing you, knoWing the skill of the practitioner you Will be seeing, What machine you Will be Working With, and hoW frequent your visits and hoW deligent your pretreatment and personal aftercare Will be.

The best I can ansWer your question is:

The number of hairs you have in the area you Want treated must be taken into consideration to the speed your electrologist can Work on you (part of Which is the fastest speed the electrologist can Work, the other is hoW fast you can tolerate the Work being done) HoW your skin reacts to treatment With the machine the practioner is utilizing, and finally, hoW frequent and hoW long your visits are.

NoW do you see Why no one ever Wants to talk price?

Even if everything else is in place, if you don’t shoW up on schedule, We can get nothing done in a short amount of time.
In electrolysis it is difficult to say What affordable is. While clients think only about hoW much is charged per hour, they neglect to figure into the equation variables such as, hoW many hairs per hour are cleared, hoW comfortable the treatments are, hoW quickly the skin heals, the level of bareness that is possible With one practitioner over another, and hoW soon one can get to first clearance. All these things Would Work together to make some “cheaper by the hour” deals more expensive in the long haul. Of course, since most don’t have equipment that tell hoW many insertions per hour Were performed, one is left With only hoW much hair they perceive to be missing at the close of a session.

It makes no sense to pay $20 per hour for someone Who can only clear 50 hairs in an hour, if someone else clears 300 hairs per hour across toWn. As long as that person Was not charging $120 per hour, you Would be ahead on cost, and even if they Were, you Would still be ahead on time.

Needless to say, the better the results, the more valuable the service. The skin you are saving is your oWn. It is Worth a little bit more to have scar free skin.

And you could have found all of this info by using the search feature of the board, I did, because I have typed this answer many time as a search on my name and the word “costs”

wow james, thanks for summing it all up for me. you’re so great at that. yea sorry i didn’t use the search feature, i guess i just don’t really have a grip on everything available at my finger tips. nevertheless, i appreciate you answering my questions with such quick results, i was wondering if there was anyone that you would reccommend in michigan for electroloysis, maybe in troy, michigan, or somewhere around farmington hills. if not, thanks anyways. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> i’ve been using the clean and easy, and i see slow results but im not consistent with it. but when i do use it, it sort of leaves the skin underneath a little bruised looking? i was wondering, is this a common side effect? how often should one use it…? thanks again!!

I wish I knew someone good in Michigan, the closest I could offer is Chicago IL and Monroe WI. The only people I even know of in MI are people whose clients have decided to travel to see me in Buffalo NY!

As for the reaction you are asking about, that is not a normal reaction to good treatment.