my experience so far


hey, i got my one touch the other day and i must say, it looks intimidating. i practiced with the machine off just trying to put the probe down the hair, and its not hard. my only problem is trying to keep my fingers off the band. i did 5 on my arm and about 3 on my leg to test my reaction

no real redness, just small bumps where the hair was treated. several came out with the sheath on them, compared to when i have plucked before hardly any on the arm or leg had them. is this what i am looking for?

also if someone could post the footswitch instructions again but in easy terms and where i can get the stuff i’d appreciate it because this would speed up time tremendously. no real pain just a minor burning when i leave it in there. could this be overtreating? the hairs are quite shallow but the white puss stuff did come out. i take it this is lye and is good? anyhow i left it on setting 2 and no higher til i can see my reaction.


Yes you want to see a full sheath come out with the hair. Those are Anagen hairs in growing stage, and will most likely never return.