my experience so far

Hey everyone.

Just wanted to post about my experience with electrolysis so far. I’ve lurked on these boards for quite a while, making only a few posts, but I’ve learned a lot from what I read. Now, it’s my turn to share.

I actually started electrolysis with James a few weeks ago. I’ve had one session, and I’ve got another one later today, and I’m extremely happy so far.

We used thermolysis on my upper lip. Yeah, it hurt, but it wasn’t unbearable. And I’ve got a pretty low pain tolerance, generally. (I stub my toe, and I think I’m going to die!)

The redness was gone within a half an hour afterwards. I had a few little white bumps over the next few days, but nothing terrible. It was pretty much impossible to tell that I’d had anything done.

My consultation beforehand was very thorough, although I have to say that the magnified pictures of hair follicles are kind of gross! :fearful: And yes, James is as nice and knowledgeable as he seems on the boards.

I’ll keep everyone updated as time goes on.

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