My experience in San Francisco, CA

Hi All,
I’ve been lurking on this site off and on for some time now, and have learned so much from many of you. Thank you for that. I’ve decided to share my own experiences. And I hope some folks out there may find them helpful.

I won’t write about everything on one posting. But I will summarize here what I think may be most interesting to many of you.

I’ve been to 5 electrologists in San Francisco (7 actually; but I won’t include the other 2 since I only had 1 treatment each from each one). Ranked by whom I like best, they are:

  1. Susan Feiga
  2. Vera Weiler
  3. Steven Leonard
  4. Arcy Barejas
  5. Nora Sherwood

I like Susan the best because she’s the fastest, least expensive, and nicest. I’ve had the best results with her too. She uses the thermolysis method. I’m currently seeing her, and I’ve spent about 30 hours to date.

Vera is also fast and nice, but she’s the most expensive. She uses the blend method. I saw her the longest (about 8 months for an approximate total of 60 hours).

Steve is also a good guy. He uses multiple galvanic, which I found too slow for my needs. I think I saw him for a total of 10 hours.

Arcy, I also liked. I found her treatments to be the least painful, but she’s on the slow side of the blend method. She advised me to try laser hair removal on my legs first before having electrolysis on them. I really appreciated that advice. (For that matter, Vera gave me the same advice, which I appreciated too, of course.)

Nora is okay too. She uses both blend and thermolysis. She was the very first electrologist I visited. But after I’ve tried others, I found them more to my liking.

There you go folks. I’ll share more later you’re interested in hearing more.


People from SF are going to love this post and be very grateful for your input.

JRinSF thanks for the post. I couldn’t find the number to Susan Feiga office online, can you please PM me. thanks and also what epilator does she uses?