My Experience (Epilight, LightSheer & Comet)

My first attempt (bikini and underarms) was with Epilight. I did have success with it but didn’t like the way the charged for a session. You were charged per shot rather than per area with made for a very unpredictable fee schedule. I then moved to Lightsheer. I have had very good results with lightsheer. I find that it lasts about 11 months (after about 4 or 5 treatments) and even then, the regrowth is very minimal but I do go back after 11-12 months to have the areas where the regrowth occured, treated. My hair was dark and my skin is fair.

I was also going to electrolysis for very fine peach fuzz on my face. I then made the mistake of have LightSheer done on my face. Instead of helping, it instead stimulated growth. The new growth is still blonde but courser. My next step was to try the Comet to see if it would get rid of the blonde facial hair. I can’t say that I had NO success, but I can say that whatever did fall out must have been rather minimal. It helped somewhat but my time and money would have been better spent on electrolysis. I guess I had about 20% reduction which paled in comparison to the 100% reduction on the bikini and underarm area. So I’m back to electrolysis for my face and will stick with it until it is gone. But for the underarm and bikini, I’m all too happy to spend 30 minutes and have both areas completely clear for almost a year.

thanks for your input!

11-12 month between treatments?? Did you mean 11-12 weeks? That would seem more “ordinary” because it would seem to fit more closely with the growth cycles of hair.

I think she means after the initial 5-6 treatments, she could go 11-12 months withouth a touch-up.

Yes, that is correct. I can now go 11-12 months between treatments. My last treatment for bikini and underarms was exactly one year ago and I am going next week for a touchup. I’m very pleased with the results.

Wow that sounds really good. Currently I am having electro done on my face, breasts and chest.(I’m 17, turning 18 by the way.) My electrologist also does laser and told me if I wanted my bikini and underarms done that laser is a good choice, but bad for the face. I also get a discount because I am already a client there having electrolysis done. My question though, is since you can wait 11-12 months before having another touch up after so many treatments, does that mean you will have to go back once every year for the rest of your life to keep it clear? Its really not that bad to go in once a year I guess, but I was just wondering if theres ever a time where you wont go back in for touch ups.

your body will always be developing new hair, so yes, most people will need a touch-up about once a year. that doesn’t mean that everything grows back, a touch-up is on sparse new hairs that grow in after a while. but yes, that’s normal. 5-6 initial treatments and then touch-up once or twice a year.

ohh i seee. Well if your body is always producing new hairs, what about the areas where electrolysis is performed? Hair will grow back in those areas as well? And say you get the initial 5-6 laser treatments and go in for touch ups for a few years, but then decide to stop going in for touch ups, would over the course of time all the hair you started with come back? Like all the dark coarse hair you started with? thx very much!

same idea for both electrolysis or laser. it’s not hair “coming back” as you state, it’s NEW hair that your body will develop as you get older. so, no, all hairs will not ‘come back’, just a few SPARSE hairs will develop here in there every few months or so. it won’t be on the entire area.

thats good then… a few sparse hairs could probably be easily shaved anyhow without all the work it usually is, and without the dark shadow…i think im gonna get it done! just time to tell my electrologist now:)Thx for your help!

Oh by the way lagirl, i noticed your diary of treatments and you seem to be doing really good! Do you find the pain to be worse then electrolysis? I know its a different sensation of course, but people always seem to think electrolysis hurts real bad, and I really dont find it very bad at all, just annoying since it takes a while. How do you fing the pain associated with laser? And do you think the results were worth the money you spent? THXX

I don’t find the pain bad at all. I don’t think it’s any more painful than electrolysis. Probably about the same, but the sensation is different and this is over much faster. To do both underarms takes about 5-7 mins to give you an idea. And yes, I definitely think it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself. I had horrible issues with shaving and waxing. Life in terms of that has been great since Feb when I started my treatments.

wow thx!! that gives me encouragement to get it done:)

I’ve done both laser and electrolysis. During both procedures, there have been times when the bite hurts quite a bit. I think with electro, it lasts a little longer because the needle has to be inserted for a much longer period of time (a second or three compared to a zap). The “pain sensation” is different in both. Overall, I think electro is more uncomfortable (not painful) because it takes a lot longer.

make sure to pick someone who has the best laser for your skin and hair type and uses correct settings (i wouldn’t trust them blindly on that, check back in with us if you need to). you should experience shedding every time after the treatment of ALL hair treated, within 3 weeks. if you don’t, something is not done right. i know you probably trust your electrologist, but it’s a good idea to shop around for various practitioners and prices just to see what your options are. and just because someone is good as an electrologist, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good at operating a laser machine for best results for you.

thanks for your input!

Yea thats true…but im getting a big discount here and it is a medical building…she said its a lightsheer diode laser and that it would work well on me because i have light skin…and yes dark coarse hair in bikini and underarm area. But yea I’ll give it one try and see if I experience shedding. So after the first treatment I should have shedding? And also a question about your bikini removal, how far away from the standard bikini line did they go? like not under but extending out to your thigh? What is considered the bikini line, because i have coarse bikini line type hair that extends to my thighs and doesnt start to get finer until about 2 or so inches away. Thanks!

I did everything around a thong and a bit on top. You basically discuss with your practitioner how much they’re going to cover and how much that will cost. LightSheer is a good laser for your skin and hair type and YES, you MUST experience shedding of all treated hair after every treatment within 3 weeks or so. If you’re as light as type II skin, you should be treated at 25-30 joules setting and up. Anything under 25-30 is not very effective. Also, with LightSheer, it’s better if they use compression.