My experience as a man

I guess you can say I have always been a bit vein. But when you’re a man and you try to look your best and your face is cut and bleeding on your shirt it can get you down.

I am a white man (dark haired) of 24 and shaving for me is a real pain (literally). When I heard about laser hair removal I jumped at the chance. I did some research on it first and found a local clinic that used the Pulsed light and not the epi-light (the epi-light is useless)

They charged me £250 or $400 for one session. Forget all the talk about it’s just like a rubber band hitting your skin. When you have coarse hair removed it feels like someone lighting a match under your skin. It bloody well hurts.

They gave me ice packs to put on my face before and during treatment. I highly recommend taking some pain killers before treatment if you can.

After the laser hair removal on my neck my skin was in agony. I was thinking what the hell I have done. The nurse gave me some tea tree lotion and I went home. I can only best describe my skin looking like chicken skin because it was red and bumpy.

I did not go out for a week as it was obvious my skin was attracting unneeded attention. I thought I would be scarred for life. But after two weeks the redness went down and to my amazement my skin was like a baby’s bottom (ass). I could not believe how smooth it was I could not stop touching it. That was two years ago now.
I have since had one more follow up treatment, I would have more but it is so expensive. I have used Kalo which was rubbish. On the recommendation of this site I have use Tend skin for those nasty ingrown hairs which come back from time to time with great results.

For me laser treatment was effective if not painful and expensive.

Thanks for this good report about neck treatment! However if it would take two weeks for the redness to go down on my face, I guess I will need to put some fundations.

I am considering having my beard treated once I finish the other areas. My practitioner warned me that it would hurt a lot more, even though we would be starting out at a lower fluence.


Thanks for the great report, jh! Male facial hair is a real challenge, but the experienced practitioners with the right settings can put a real dent in the amount and color.

All the hype about laser not hurting that much is ridiculous, especially on deep, coards male facial hair. You can count on feeling that!

Please keep us updated on your progress!