My experience as a guy w/ smooth legs

Hi. To begin with, I’m a heterosexual male (maried, but not too hapily) who just happens to dislike leg hair. I’ve read a lot of threads and finally decided to post. I decided to shave my legs about three years ago so I would look and feel yonger, like I did when I was in grade school. And yes, I sort of felt ‘sissy-like’ for doing it, mainly because of how we’re taught to think by society and media.

But I did anyway and loved the feeling and looks. I’m not what you’d call ‘muscular’ but the lack of hair showed more definition and made me look less scrawny. Besides, I got a great looking tan w/o the leg hair to interfere, (Looks good with white shorts!) I was worried, like other guys here expressed, about how I would be perceived, but I knew it was a risk I’d just have to take.

This is ironic because as a boy I was ‘leg shy’ and would hardly wear shorts, but that’s another story.

Anyway, here are my expriences from the general public. While I don’t know what’s inside each person’s head when (and if) they notice, I can only go on what those have actually said.

For the most part, life seemed to go on normal as before, except I had smooth legs that tanned better, and thus gave me more self-confidence.

The first time anyone said anything was from woman (who was short haired and ‘tomboy’ looking who said “Don’t take this the wrong way but… you have pretty legs!!!” She said it in a sincere tone and not a harrasing one. I felt somewhat embarrassed, but then again, I guess I got what I wanted deep inside.

Months later, another woman asked me if I shaved my legs. I simply said I was a bicycler (haven’t ridden in years) b/c I didn’t want to explain myself, just in case!

In another instance, a woman quietly asked ‘Do you shave?’ I replied, “Naw, I’m just not the hairy type.”

Other times, I got breif lines of ‘nice legs’ all from woman.

One time I’ll never forget was a woman working a guard shack at a parking lot. When I got out of the truck, she said, “Man, you’ve got some nice legs! You shave?” This time, I honestly confessed I shaved because it was summer and felt cooler. Then she said she had been trying to convice her boyfriend to shave his legs but so far, he didn’t want to try it. I jokingly told her to wait 'till he fell asleep to ‘Nair’ him. She laughed and said she might actually so something like that. (She was African-American, along with several others who noted and actually commented on my smooth tanned Caucasian legs. I’m wondering if black women seem more inclined to like shaved men, or at least pay more attention to those around them.)

Another instance in a road-side travelmart, a woman employee nervously said to me “Can I give you a compliment?.. You have nice legs!”

Another instance, a woman said I had ‘pretty legs… like a woman!’ I’m not sure if she thought it was good or bad. But it didn’t bother me in the least.

There were of course other instances similar to these, but they were spread out over time. It’s not like everywhere I go, everyone is staring and evaluating me on how ‘normal’ or ‘strange’ I am. Life has gone on as usual and I’m glad I went hairless on my legs. Although I used to be leg-shy, I now wear shorts all the time except for work and the few other places where it’s not appropriate. (And when it’s too cold) I refuse to wear the fasionable mens shorts that go down past the knee. I wear them about 4-6" above the knee. (I wish those ‘unisex’ gym shorts from the 70’s and 80’s were still acceptable for both male and female. WHen I did wear them, they were comfortable and I thought they looked good on anyone who didn’t have gorilla legs!!!)

Now, as far as other guys go, no one generally has ever said anything. What they think… IF they notice I have no idea.
There are two and-a-half exceptions.

  1. One ‘redneck’ type whistled, who was standing far away anyhow. I ignored it. It didn’t bother me. Only time it happened.

  2. One guy asked if I shaved. Once again, I said “I’m just not that hairy” (just in case) Then for some reason he said to me “I’m not gay or anything and ain’t flirting with you… but those are nice legs!”

1/2) THis is only a ‘half’ b/c I’m not sure if it was directed at me or not. There was a car accident near our house several years ago at night. All the people came out of their homes within the block to see what happened. I had left the house in an old short pair of nylon track shorts that were pretty short for a guy. Later, as the crowd discipated, I walked down the sidewalk back toward my home when a clan of teens (boys and girls) walked passed. Among the voices I barely heard “You got pretty legs,” from one of the guys. I don’t know if he was talking to me or one of the girls. They moved on quickly. Doesn’t matter anyway.

Anyway, I read the thread about "Getting used to displaying shaved legs (guywise) " in the emotional issues section. I can definately relate, but the good outweighs the bad. I don’t regret my choice for hairless legs and don’t feel ‘sissy’ in the least. I wish I had done it in my mid-twenties when my leg hair really became noticable.

For women who think male hair body hair is sexy, then more power to you… enjoy your hairy men. Everyone should enjoy that someone that attracts them. For those who think smooth is sexy, I hope your type find me good looking.

Bye for now… great forums here!

Do you shave just your legs or other body parts (arms, chest)? I’m concerned about my legs because it is very time consuming.

But with a bare chest and (sometimes) arms, I’ve been toying with the idea…

It’s just a lot of work…

I’ve contemplated a chest shave. I did a small ‘test’ area last year and broke out w/bad ingrowns. One hair deep under the skin wouldn’t come out. I finally dug it out w/tweezers and it felt like a bullet wound on my stomach for some time. The scar is still there! For the most part, I don’t go shirtless b/c of slight flab I can’t get rid of on my gut. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" /> I may try another shave this summer, but I usually wear old tee’s to swim in. (My legs tan dark and don’t burn easy but my back burns easy) For the most part, my chest never got hairy until my mid twenties. The hair is long and dark, but spread out.

As far as time goes, I can shave my legs in about 5 minutes in the shower (give or take a few). Epilating and follow-up care is longer. (See my post under ‘rotary epilators’) If I shave every other day, leg care time is kept as a minimum. If all you plan to do is shave w/o other methods, it shouldn’t increase your grooming time too much, at least it didn’t for me. Just an extra 5~10 min in shower and occasional ‘touch up’ w/electric for a few minutes.

If you’re not sure, try it once. It looks good in shorts and if not, it feels great to slide on a pair of pants over freshly shaved legs in winter. If your legs have thick hair, I’d recommend an electric trimmer first before using a blade for a close shave. I’d also use that abrasive face scrub first to get rid of dead skin and apply aftershave lotion after drying off.

It’s your hair so it’s your choice. Might as well try smooth legs once to see if it’s for you. As for me, when I slide up my shorts over my glossy shaved legs, I feel like a ten-year-old boy again, full of energy and uninhibited!
Feels great! Have fun.

Hi boy_legs,

Thanks for sharing your story! I too am a straight male who has been trimming and body shaving for about two years now and I agree that it feels great and looks a lot better than being a hairy beast! Over the years, I was getting kinda disgusted at all the leg hair and finally decided to just shave them after having a skin condition which required ointments and getting rid of the hair made it a lot easier to treat.

Your experiences are very positive and I agree that body shaving makes you feel younger and more comfortable. What part of the country are you in? Do you see a lot of smooth men in your area? Lots of athletes shave for the sheer comfort of it and you shouldn’t worry about it being a “sissy thing”. It’s unfortunate that some people make fun of men who body shave or label them gay–they could be simply intolerant to anything different, or feel insecure themselves so they lash out at others to feel “stronger” or maybe, they’re worried that being smooth could become the new norm and they don’t want to mess around with shaving. Whatever the reason, we really shouldn’t worry about what others think–it’s your life and you should live it the way you want and have the look that you desire! Maybe, with the recent introduction of the Philips bodygroomer and a similar unit by Remington coupled with the right advertising body shaving will become more widely accepted.

You may have read the long “men shaving legs” thread in the shaving forum which is excellent and details a lot of members experiences. One concern that often emerges is “what will others think?” and it seems that a lot of guys need the approval of their wives/girlfriends first before shaving their legs or chest. That’s really crazy because it’s the individual’s body and one’s decision to be smooth shouldn’t depend on what others deem to be acceptable or not. I don’t see how others equate “hairiness” with being “manliness”–that really seems illogical to me. Most men go regularly to get a haircut or shave their beards, so it’s really not that strange to do a bit of body grooming and keep the hair growth under control. In the grand scheme of things, shaving your legs or having a smooth chest is so insignifcant that we shouldn’t sweat it. If one enjoys being smooth and it adds to your quality of life, then it’s the only reason you need to shave your legs or wherever you want.




Life is too short to live it through the eyes of others.

Here is a quote I have hanging near my desk:

Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don’t matter and
those who matter don’t mind.


Hi boy_legs

Your are right when you say you slip into shorts with smooth legs and feel younger. I do too, but not in a perverted way at all. You will look more athletic, particularly in shorts with smooth legs - cycling is a good example as well as swimming. I personally feel about 15 years younger from shaving my legs and wearing shorts. It’s like being in your teens again and feels great.


Thanks for the replys. What I didn’t mention is my wife’s not so favorable opinion of my smooth legs but I’ll save that for later. As for Alicia’s quote, it’s definately worth remembering. Reminded me of that song “Garden Party” whose refrain says “You can’t please everyone so you got to please yourself!”

I forgot to answer that I live in N. Texas, USA (Dallas Area) It is not real common to see shaved men but I’ve seen a few. But no one has ever given me a hard time about it here. We’re not quite as progressive as the Western Europeans, South Africa, or the Californians, but the Dallas area is probably the most ‘forward thinking’ area in the state as is Houston, simply b/c it’s a large city.

BTW: Is it okay for a guy (non T/S) to be told he has ‘Pretty legs’ as opposed to ‘nice legs?’ I’m not sure what the insinuation would be, but I’m sure there’s a difference. Just wanted some opinions.


I liked Ricky Nelson’s song Garden Party which was probably more about his freedom to play what music he wanted to play more than anything else. I think the message could apply to a lot of things too such as being who you are and that you can’t really please everyone.

I think that what that woman saying you had “pretty legs” meant, would probably depend on her intentions and the way she uses the term pretty. Sometimes people use the term “pretty nice” to describe things. For flowers people can say “pretty”, “nice”, “beautiful”, etc…

Probably you would have to go by the woman’s expressions and delivery of her comment. At least she noticed your legs
and thought they were something special.