My experience after three treatments

I had my third treatment for my chin/jaw/extended area about one month ago. I’m a 40 year old woman who has been shaving since I was 16 years old. I have fair skin & dark hair, so I’m considered the ideal candidate for laser hair removal. I’m having my treatments done at Alase in DC. They use the LightSheet XC with ChillTip.

My first treatment was quite intense. I do use the EMLA and it helps a lot. I was surprised by what I looked like afterwards - quite inflammed & red. But the technician applied a cold compress and applied aloe vera liberally. By the time she was done working on my bikini area, the face didn’t look as bad. I was able to wash my face & apply makeup immediately. When I left the office, I looked like I’d been out running & was flushed. After a week, my skin was still pretty bumpy - I couldn’t get a clean shave. I went back & the doctor said that the fluence was probably too high for the face. He gave me a prescription for a hydrocortisone creme w/ steroid and it cleared right up. Within 10 days, I experienced the shedding.

My second treatment was eight weeks later. This time, the doctor performed the treatment. He lowered the fluence and he had the machine set in the automatic position. What had previously taken about an hour took only about 20 minutes. While I was happy that it didn’t as long and that my skin wasn’t as inflammed, I was not as happy with the results. I had shedding, but not to the degree as the first treatment.

My third treatment was 10 weeks later. This time, I had the technician that performed the first treatment. I asked her to set the fluence higher and to perform the treatment in manual mode. When the doctor had the machine in the automatic mode, I felt like sections were missed. While the manual mode takes more time, it’s worth it to me. Again, my face was quite inflammed, but the cold compresses & aloe vera made a big difference. I made sure to keep my skin hydrated with aloe vera and OTC hydrocortisone cream. It took about a week for my skin to appear less bumpy and again, shedding within 10 days.

So far, I’m quite happy with my results. The only “downside” is that I’m noticing much more gray/white hairs that the laser can’t treat. I’m trying to let these grow out to see if they will grow out like soft, vellus hairs, but when I touch them, they’re quite coarse (I don’t know if it’s because it’s stubble). I’m less self conscious about them, but I don’t know how long I can go without shaving. They’re quite stubborn to tweeze, there’s a lot of resistance. Has anyone else experienced these coarse grey/white hairs? Do you think they’ll grow in softer if I hold off shaving or is there something I can do to soften them? They’ve probably always been there, but since I shaved everyday, I didn’t notice them in particular.

Overall, I’ve been pleased with my experience. I have two more treatments to go. The bikini area has responded well to laser hair removal. Depending on the cost, I may splurge & get the upper leg (from knee up) done. With regard to the gray/white hairs remaining on my face, I may try electrolysis at a later date.

The white hairs are more noticeable now because you have fewer black hairs. Electrolysis will take care of those. No need to let the white hairs grow out. You can shave until a few days before the electrolysis treatment.

The bumps you experienced may be from burnt and singed hairs. It sounds like they resolved rather quickly.

Another option is the Nd:YAG laser which leaves less redness and bumps. It works very well on men’s beards. The Lightsheer is compatible with your skin type though.



Does the Nd: YAG work as well on fair skin/dark hair, or is the Lightsheer the recommended laser for this skin/hair type?