My Exp With Lightsheer @ Advanced Laser Clinics

Well yesterday I finally did it and had my first treatment done with the lightheer laser. Since I have bike short tan lines they did 30 j on top and 27 everything else down on my legs. I used Trio and it helped but it was painful on the lower front and near the ankles and knees but everwhere else was smooth sailing as the muscle and all made it feel like nothing was happening. According to them I was a fitzpatrick 3/4 and basicaly after treatment I had a slight hive reaction but it disappered after two hours and besides feeling sunburned and the heat sensation I say it went very well and so far I like the results but its only been 36 hours so I will keep you updated. I got no reactions that were anything like vulpes results which was good. Also after 36 hours my legs look preety normal but I was told sunblock of spf 30-45 for next time so they can turn it up a little more so the results will be more effective but I was not burned or super dark either. I highly recommend them based on how things are going and I had two RN’s which helped speed things up and made it less painful. If anyone has questions I will try to answer them.
Overall I thought it went pretty well

Thanks for everyone’s advice and help as it made it easier to narrow down the questions and helped chose the laser while I was doing my homework and getting test spots. Also kudos to Andrea for hosting such a great site and all and RJC was alot of help while reading his posts.

How long did it take them to do your legs? I was thinking of having mine done but because of the time factor I may wait until next year or try the Syneron.

Right now I am concentrating on my upper body but I hope to soon be running out of hair there which is a goood thing.

You had 2 nurses work on you, did they use two machines? That would really speed things up.

Good report and keep us posted. I read somewhere that laser treatment works even better on leg hair than on other areas.


It took about 50 minutes and yes they were using two machines which sped thing up alot and made the pain go in double spurts which I thought made it tolerable. But as stated above it only hurts in the areas I listed above. And def. I will keep you guys updated and as I said before everyone who helps and all are great

Hello RJC2001

I have had gone four rounds with the Lightsheer laser on my whole body.

I find that it takes about 2 hours to do the full legs with the machine set on auto or 3 hours if the machine is set to 100ms pulse widths. I started using the 100ms pulse widths because of the corseness and density of my hair. The last two treatments have been using the auto or 30ms pulse widths. The legs do not hurt nearly as much as the chest area so you should find it very tolerable. The ankles, knee caps and inner thigh can be the more sensitive areas of the legs.
For reference it takes around 8000 pulses to do my legs and I am 5ft 4" so if you are taller expect a few more to cover the area well. It is usualy about 10000 pulses to do from the waist line to the toes. The light sheer machine used on me has an 9 x 9 mm optical window.


Thanks for the info. I would have guessed about two hours for the full legs so that sounds about right. I’m 5’11" so it may take longer. I hardly have any hair on my anlkes and feet so that may reduce the time. They only have one Lightsheer but a 12 mm spot size was used.

Did you find the treamtents at 100 ms to be more or less effective than 30 ms? I had my chest done at 30 ms and at 100 ms with 45J and my impression is that the 100 ms was more effective and resulted in even less regrowth. It does slow treatment time down though. My practitioner also used compression and I beleived that helped a lot too.

Post treatment pain and redness was much less than with the alexandrite laser (Apogee). That Apogee did deliver good results though. The Apogee did cause hairs to literally fly right out of the follicles which I thought was cool. That was early in my treatments when the hairs were a lot thicker.


I found the 100ms pulses to be more effective on the thicker hairs, but once the hair diameter was reduced the 30ms pulses proved more efficient at removal. I think all hairs would be killed with the long pulses provided the power was up high enough to offset the longer pulse width. I would switch to auto more to speed up the treatment then to specificaly kill more hairs. I must admit the auto is more aggressive and tends to blow the thicker hairs out and it can also lead to more chances of over treatment if you hit a denser patch.

With a 12mm x 12mm optical window and your height I would expect you to still need around 6000 to 7000 pulses just for the legs.

I only had a small amount of hair on the feet and that responded very well to treatment but be forwarned if your feet are thin and boney it can hurt suprisingly more then the rest of the legs as there is little tissue to absorb the excess energy.

I had red bumps for 2 days after my first leg treatment however with each sucessive treatment the red bumps lasted less and less. They only lasted like 2 hours after my fourth treatment.

I am now to the point on my legs that electrolysis should be more effective as most of the remaining hairs are very fine and lighter in color so the laser will be less effective.

On an interesting note my electrolysis prefers clients with thick hair to have a few laser treatments first as it greatly reduces the time to reach a full clearance. She also finds that the remaining hairs respond very well to the electrolysis, this might be due to the laser having weakened them up. I have switched to thermolysis style of electrolysis for my underarms, full back, neck and upper arms as laser has done all it could do in those areas. I think I still will need one or two more treatments on the legs and forearms with the laser as these areas were very dense. I am still undecided if I will start electrolysis on the chest or do one more laser treatment. The remaining hairs seem to be very stubbord even with the high power levels I am using.

The joys of using your body like an experiment. Oh well it is worth every wince and jolt to be smooth. I have no regrets about the choices I have made so far and would recommend the use of the laser if at all possible for the first few times of removal before switching to electrolysis. I could not see spending the huge amount of time that full body electrolysis would require.


Thanks for the great report, Biker, and I’m glad the forum and our helpful members were able to steer you in the right direction!

Sounds like you found a good place-- be sure to keep us up do date on your progress! We get a lof of questions about leg hair, so plenty of people will want to know your results!

I’d like to second your thanks to RJC2001 as well. The fact that he stands out among so many great members is high praise indeed! Prolific contributors like him make maintaining this site a real pleasure!

Hi Everyone,

Well its tweleve weeks and time to go in for the 2nd treatment which I will let you know in a few days how that went as its scheduled for tommorow. So far as far as treatment one goes I would say it has done about a 25% reductions so I am hoping for better results but in my mind I still know its early so well see!!

Thanks everyone for the help so far its been fun educating each other!!

I was wondering why do you think 100 ms pulse width has been more effective effect on you than 30 ms or auto? My nurse told me that the auto setting is the most effective at perm removal because it gives a sharper heat effect to the hair. She mentioned that the 100ms would provide less damage to the follicle because the amount of heat that is administered in a shot is spaced out over more time.

I am also going to Adv. Laser Clinics and ,Biker, I was wondering if you had a chance to ask your location what they beleive to be the best pulse width setting for perm results. for your hair/skin type?

Thanks so much!

Beaner, it just seems that I have had less regrowth in the areas treated at 100 ms. The different pulse widths felt about the same pain-wise but I had less redness at 100 ms. Both were at 45J. I didn’t have 100 ms very much beacause treatment time takes longer. 30 ms
worked very well also.


Sorry Folks,

I have been out of the loop and all but I did have my 2nd treatment and I can say it went very well with a 50% almost clearence and It looks pretty good. They did increase the fluence by 2 on uppers and lowers and Basically it was the same amount of pain as before which is like a rubberband. It did take longer though as they were only using one machine. They did not use the auto feauture and were using 30 ns. Well keep you updated on the progress as I go


I have just had my first laser diode treatment on my legs yesterday, and today in certain areas I can see hair coming out as if it were just normal growth, with the stubbly feeling and all. Is this normal hair growth, or will these hairs soon fall out? I can’t tell if this is normal, or perhaps the technician missed this area and it is the day after shaving growth?

Thanks for any feedback.