My Epilator Experience

I purchased Emjoi Gently Gold Caress Hair Removal System. Some user commented that there are not much pain, and you can get used to it. But in my case, I never get used to the little tingling pain. It is not as bad as waxing though.

The most effective way to use it is to move the epilator slowly against the hair flow, even though you tend to move it faster because of the pain.

When done with the epilator, gently rub in the Hair Growth Inhibitor. Soy Hair Growth Inhibitor seems to be most effective. You can find how to recipe at:

I have a Phillips epilator that has a massage attachment. It basically vibrates the bit you’ve just done and sort of ‘distracts’ the nerves. It’s really good on my legs. I have to do it very rarely.

Thanks for the info.