ok, wellllll i finnaly went and had a consultation/session today. I got my stomach done, and had 25 minutes. I didint realise how much it was going to hurt!! i was soo shocked i was expecting some discomfort but omg it was crazy, so i guess next time i go in ill have to use a numbing cream.

Anyways i have a question! im looking at my stomach now and it has been like 10 hours since i did it, and the little patch that was done, well it is now bruised! it that supposed to happen, i never read anywhere before that people bruise i am so shocked, as i was going to go in for another 2 hours to get some clearance, but now i dont know.
Did she do it wrong? or is it just because i may be sensitive in that area?? im soo confused :frowning:
Ok, and im pretty sure she used Blend method i think or glavnic! I just rember reading the machine thingy and it said thermolysis and glavanic but she said she was doing galvanic???
i just need to know if i should see some one else or not? im paying $2.50 Aus dollar a minute which is soo expensive as i have seen some other places which do cheaper BUT they longest time they do is 15 min, and as i havent found anyone in my area im driving one hour to see this lady (btw im in australia GOLD COAST, but im driving to BRISBANE if anyone knows where that is ). Soo What do you guys reckon :slight_smile: thankssssss

ohh and btw i nmight make an aapoitment with another person, shes about 1hour and a half away but her are proces are alot cheaper so i guess no harm in checking someone else out before start the process

so does anyone know if the bruising is normal??

This is very rare, but sometimes it happens. Usually happens in women who have capillary fragility, especially in the days before and after menstruation. These women often suffer bruises due to minor knocks to remind themselves not.
When produced by Electrolysis needles have a diameter very small, and usually go on 6 or 7 days. The reason is that very small needle reaches Electrolysis vessels only very, very small. If the perceived electrologist that has gone through a capillary, can press the area for a couple of minutes to stop the extravasation of blood under the skin, the pressure should be done with gauze or cotton. This will cause the bruise does not exceed the size of a pea.

hmm the thing is im not normally esaily prone to bruising. But i just rememeber when she was doing it it hurt SOO MUCH on my stomach, near my navel. it was like i could feel the electricity or somthing. im going to go to another place, and see how it will be like there i think.

Well guys i have found an electorlogist i am VERY happy with :slight_smile: Honey_bunny recommened her and i had my consultation and everything seems well :), I have a three hour session coming up to cover my top of eyebrows, chest and stomach and back, i want to clear as much as possible ASAP, ill be using EMLA as well, and the method we will be using is thermolysis :slight_smile: one question but, i know its silly but i guess beter safe then sorry, im going swimming the day b4 with my friends, and was going to bleach my stomach and back hairs, that wil be ok right? as in the electrologist will still be able to see which ones are the thicker ones and get rid of the hairs even though it’ll be blended in to my skin etc? im sure it should be fine, but i guess i would like some reassurance :slight_smile:
Thanks guys :), i srsly can not waiiiiit to start this journey , i hope i see results and i definantly will be taking photos so i can see the progress :smiley:

Hi Laylah:

The only issue I could see with the bleaching is that it may make it harder for the electrologist to see the hairs they are treating and you won’t be able to get as many treated within the time slot.


Hi laylah - I bleach regularly and my electrologist has absolutely no problem treating bleached hair. In fact it even makes her job a little easier, as the hairs that are the most obvious post bleaching are the ones that need tackling first (from my perspective anyway).

Bleaching is fine for me. I like it and it doesn’t interfer with having a good treatment if the electrologist is insistent on having quality surgical loupes that are customized to her/his vision situation. Next ingredient is a good halogen or LED light. If the hair is a good growing hair (anagen), then we can see the dark root at the skin’s surface followed by the bleached blond c hair that finishes the upward tapered end. The client needs some disguise until she can catch up with all the hair growth and can get full clearances each visit, so bleaching, shaving and clipping are fine as long as these methods are not too rough on the skin.


hay guys thanks for your feedback, ill be bleaching my hair today and having a 3 hour session on sunday, i cant wait ill fill you in how it goes

laylah can i get the contact details of the electorlogist that honey_bunny reccomended to you?? would be very helpful

Hay there - the one Hunny bunny reccomended moved to sydney, so im going to someone else now in the city in Brisbane did you want her details?

GRRR im getting so frustrated! it feels like electrolysis isnt working :frowning: im looking at my stomach right now ( ihave been getting treatmeants for about 2 months now) and i can see red dots everywhere, and also i can feel little bumbs and i think there ingrown hairs! Far out! i can hardly find any electrologits here so there is only one lady i can go to PLUS its a 1 and a half hour drive + it is in the city so i have to pay for parking - it feels like SUCH a mission for crappy results. Ive got a 2 hour session booked tommorw, so im going to ask her about the tiny little bumps on my stomach and see what she says. This lady is also fully book so ineed to literaly book 3 weeks in advance, so it is very frustrating

how long are the dots lasting? what aftercare are you using? witch hazel during the day and tea tree oil at night should solve this. also, let her know about your reaction, so she can adjust the settings.

Two months of treatments. How many sessions have you had?

Your frustration and anger is not warranted. Red dots are normal. Do you expect nothing to happen to your skin? She is destroying tissue that makes hair grow. There is bound to be some reaction. There is a healing period that varies with each and every person. With clothes rubbing against this area and perhaps some constriction of the clothes, expect this area to heal slower than facial areas. Ingrown hairs can be taken care of. How many do you have?

Complain about crappy results if you have put in several serious sessions over a period of 9-18 months and you can’t see any results at all. Two months is hardly a fair amount of time for you to complain about a process that takes 1 to 1.5 years to accomplish. If more people would become electrologists in your area, then you wouldn’t have the inconvenience of traveling. If you are impatient and not fully understanding how difficult it is to stick to a program to permanently remove hair, then settle for temporary methods that can be done in the privacy of your home.

If one of my clients complained of crappy results after two months of treatment, that might entail 6 hours or less of electrolysis, I’d be more than happy to show them the door. If your electrologist did not explain how this works, then shame on her. If she did, then shame on you. It is clearly stated here on hairtell in so many ways, so many times, by so many people, that electrolysis works, but it is not instantaneous. Neither is laser hair reduction. Sorry to sound so harsh and I really mean that.

Hay dfahey - thats alright thanks for the feedback and you too LA girl, i have had a total of 15 and a half hours done, so yer i should stop whinging, i was just annoyed as i have little bumps and when i scratch it off its like a hair was growing in it so im assuming that is ingrowns??
BUT enough of that! im giong to contiue with my witch hazel/tea tree oil and aloevera :slight_smile:


I’ve also had some stomach work done.

Dee is right that you need to follow a removal routine for a longer period of time to see permanent removal.

Also it is common to have some red dots appearing afterwards on the stomach, but they do fade in time.

I think the bumps you are talking about may be regrowths that are trying to poke their way through the skin. It might help to exfoliate the area once the skin has healed a bit from the last treatment to help them break through the skin so they don’t become ingrowns.

I’ve been at it for a long enough period now to see some pretty dramatic reduction in both the number and thickness of any regrowths. It’s taken a lot less time to clear the area and I am probably going to extend the time interval between treatments since not much has grown back after 3 weeks.

Be patient and stick with it and you will see it was worth it in the end.


Has anybody here been to or heard of Sarah Shrigley in Toronto? How is she?