My electrolysis journey (with pictures)

Hi everyone! In this topic I will try to keep track of my electrolysis sessions and results.

I am a young woman that suffers from hirsutism. I have unwanted hair in my bikini/upper/inner thigh area, on my breasts and lower stomach. Every method of hair removal that I have tried has given me ingrowns, irritations etc., very tiresome and frustrating. That’s why have decided to try electrolysis.

Here are some before photos. Excuse the really bad lighting and be prepaired for the hairiness!! I wanted to get before pics of myself in my hairiest state.

Upper legs, 24 November 2018:

Left bikini/leg area, 24 November 2018:

Right bikini/leg area, 24 November 2018:

Lower stomach, 24 November 2018:

I have had two treatments so far and will write about those later.

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1st Treatment, 30 November 2018:

Booked time: 4 hours with painpump
Actual treatment time: about 2,5 hours.
Costs: 400 Euros

Experience: Staff was really nice and friendly, very welcoming. The girl that did the electrolysis on me was very sweet and made me feel comfortable as I was a bit nervous. Especially for the insertion of the painpump. This session only my left bikini/leg area and part of the right were treated. I can’t remember the electrolysis hurting too much. during I asked my electrologist how much experience she had, she told me only 6 months. This did suprise me because I thought they only had electrolgists that had experience of at least a few years. But I guess they got a few more new electrologists. After the treatment it did burn a bit and was red and swollen. I have a skin allergy dermatographic urticaria that causes the skin to get really itchy, swell and can be painfull when pressure is applied, it gets worse when under warm/hot temperatures. So this was to be expected, even when taking antihistamines. Overall I was pretty happy with the treatment.

Upper legs/bikini area the day after treatment, 30 November 2018:

Closeup right bikini/leg area 5 days after, 4 december 2018:

As u can see I did have some scabbing and a few bruises but I didn’t mind that as it was winter and I wasn’t showing my legs anyways.

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Thank you for sharing and I’m wishing you success.

How is the area, now?

Hi Hope_hair,

I do think I see a slight difference, but I am not completely sure. I will post my experience of the second treatment and some more pictures of what it looks like a few months after.

Sadly I dont have pictures of what it looked like before this treatment. But the skin was completely healed, I did have some areas that felt sensitive when touched.

2nd Treatment, 31 december 2018:

Booked time: 8 hours with painpump
Actual treatment time: about 4,5 hours.
Costs: 800 Euros

Experience: I had to be there at 8.30 in the morning, half an hour before my actual treatment for them to prepare the painpump. I was there on time, but noone opened the door. I rang again and then the cleaning lady opened the door. She was the only one there. There was no employee to welcome me or other clients. I thought this was weird, especially when they really emphasize you to be 30 min earlier…

Anyways at 8.55 a woman was ready to attach the painpump to my arm. She was really kind, so that made me feel a bit relieved again and took my earlier frustration away.

My electrologist was a different girl from the first treatment. She was a little bit older than the first one so I was hoping for a more experience, but she had about the same. But again she was nice, made me feel comfortable and easy to talk to. This time my left and right bikini/leg area, lower stomach and breasts were treated. It did hurt a LOT more this time, and I did think I felt a bit more plucking and a lot more burning. I definitely made use of the painpump because it buuuuuurned. I told the electrologist that it hurt a lot more than last time, she confidently said thats normal that pain can differ because these hairs might need a different setting than last time and time of month etc. The frequent use of the painpump and the pain made me nauseous and I actually threw up half way and again when the treatment was done. I felt sick for a few hours after and the treated areas really burned for the rest of the evening/night. But hey I hope it’s all worth it in the end!! Weeks after the treatment my skin on legs still felt sensitive on a few spots only when touched. Nothing bad, but just to mention.

These photos are 3 days after the second treatment.

Left bikini/leg area 3 Januari 2019:

Right bikini/leg area, 3 Januari 2019:

Tummy area, 3 Januari 2019:

Hairgrowth diary

Pics 12 February 2019 (about 6 weeks since 2nd treatment)
Left bikini/leg area

Right bikini/leg area


Pics 21 March 2019 (about 11 weeks after 2nd treatment)
Left bikini/leg area

Right bikini/leg area


As you can see it looks like a huge improvement from the before pictures. I must admit that when I saw the hairgrowth of 21 March 2019 I was actually really disappointed because I thought it was the same as before. Therefore I am really happy I took before pictures, because I actually do think it’s less, definitely on the tummy area. On the bikini area it also seems less, but I don’t know if its an illusion as it was more trimmed than in the before pictures. But I have to be realistic with my expectations as I have only had 2 treatments and most areas have only been treated once.

In a few weeks I will have my next treatment. I will try to post before pictures of my hairgrowth at that time.

This is progressing beautifully. Thanks for the pictures. I know some of the pictures look scary, but the skin always heals, minus the hair. It’s a process that works.

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Thank you Deedra! Yes, I honestly dont mind it at all, as long as it works! :slight_smile:

I think the progress is impressive. Keep up the treatments and you will get to where you want.

Hey, any update on your journey? As I am interested in electrolysis and if it works