My electrolysis diary..

Hello everyone,

Id like to introduce my self… I am a 23 year old Asian female with hair all over my face including my forehead, even my hairline is dodgy… I have been threading my forehead, eyebrows and upper lip for about 5 years every two weeks. I hated how i looked when the hair was growing back so thought to go for perm hair removal. The hair on my chin, cheeks and sideburns have never been touched as I didn’t want to make it worse.
I have stopped temporary methods of hair removal since 19 October 2012.

I stumbled across electrolysis after I was looking into laser on my forehead. It was stoppits post that gave me the info that laser is a no no for the face, she advised that electrolysis is the way forward for hair on the face and now after doing my research and bugging stoppit I am seeing Mairi in Glasgow on Thursday. I am absolutely excited, I have booked 5 hours and hope to get as much cleared as possible.

I am looking for aloe vera gel and have come across this is it ok?

I will be sharing my journey with you lovely people. Let the hair free times commence :slight_smile:

Great to have you here.

Do you plan to have just the forehead, eyebrows and upper lip treated this time, or work a little on all the face?

Has your hairline returned to normal somewhat since you have stopped removing hairs? Careful electrolysis on this area can give you a beautiful, natural hairline… Josefa did this for my sister and it’s opened up her face without most people realising she’s had anything done!

Looking forward to your updates!

(A hug for Mairi)

Good luck HCD!

Mairi is brilliant…only thing I will say us 4-5 hours if electrolysis on tge face is no joke (trust me I’ve been there!!!) but you will be fine. Not painful in my experience, just aggitating laying still for so long!!!

My 1st clearance with mairi was 4.5 hours, now I’m down to about an hour or maybe a hour and fifteen minutes every 10-12 weeks. Next clearance will be my 4th…all facial electrolysis.

You will be red and swollen a few days after. I tend to get whiteheads after, that’s just me, some don’t, I always have including blend in London etc. you will probably be sore for a few days but it will go down, any pigmentation will fade and the reaction to the treatment will lessen as the hair becomes less and less!

You are in good hands!!

To answer your question about the Aloe Vera, yes, that is one of the brands we recommend most often. Unless you have an aloe vera plant you can cut slices off of, without some woman coming after you with the knife screaming about you trying to kill her house plants, this would be one of your best choices.

Do remember it must be refrigerated after opening.

Hey Stoppit,

My priority is my forehead which I want full clearance on and then maybe a bit of the rest of the face, I havent decided that as yet…I’ll probably see how I go.

I will post pics soon so you can get an idea, the hair has returned somewhat but I just cover it with my fringe for now

Cant wait to get started!!

Hey Mark,


I know I’m in very good hands thats why I’m travelling soo far to go see Mairi, it’ll take me 5 hours each way on the train but I’m sure itll be worth it!

Good to see your happy with your electro so far, keep us updated on how you get on.

Hi James,

I am gonna go with the plant I reckon, Will be going to pick one up later, question… can I snip a bit off and take it with me on my train journey so I can apply it on the way back?

Another question, how do I apply it on? once I’ve snipped it and applied the gel do I leave it on all day and reapply as and when needed?

Yes, if you are using an actual plant, you snip a piece just large enough for what you will need, (usually not a lot, actually) put it in a zip lock bag for travel. When ready to use, slit the leaf open and rub the insides on the treatment area.

When you are done using the gel and inner meat of the plant, please return what is left to the ground so it may compost back into nature, and be reborn in the cycle of life.

I took some photos which I know you guys love…

qwerty Attachments

Right Side.JPG

Right Eyebrow.JPG

Right cheek.jpg



And more

qwerty Attachments

Left Eyebrow.JPG

Left side.jpg

Left cheek.jpg

Excellent photos!

Indeed, this is a classic case where auto-thermolysis, e.g., the Apilus AND the Laurier insulated is your best bet!

Your electrologist is going to make “short work” out of this. BRAVO that you have not “mangled” your hairs (tweezing/waxing, etc.); this will make the job much easier for your therapist.

Be happy: succeess is on the way!

Now these pictures are what I term ‘quality pictures’!

If you see someone like Josefa, she will not mess around doing 15 or 30 minute appointments once a week.

Your case should be given that upfront attention you need and probably desire.
Prepare to invest in hours worth of treatment in a single session. Choose the area that bothers you the most and get a first clearance of all bothersome hairs. Yes, an Apilis platinum and a Laurier IBP would make a good marriage to rid you of a boat load of hairs up front. This will take time, but how great it will be or you. You need an electrologist that can move! Never consider laser for this hair.

Thank You so much for such great photos!
I can really relate to your issue as I have a very similar case only not quite as extensive and the hairs are a mix blond and brown.
I have searched for help but had basically given up on the possibility of treatment of the entire area and so mainly focused, and when i can, intermittently access an electrolysist, on only sideburns and eyebrows. To think that this could be done in a session of clearances would be an absolute miracle.
PLEASE keep us up to date on your progress. To know it is possible to do something like that would change my life.

Thanks guys! it took me a while to get the photos right, and I used my phone too :smiley:

I too am glad I haven’t touched most of the hair, I have full faith in Mairi, hopefully we can get most of them.

Danika, I’m travelling 5 hours to go and see Mairi, can you not travel to go see a good electrologist?

I will deffo keep you guys posted!

2 more sleeps to go…eeek!!

Well there is no one that I know of within a reasonable distance of my home but whenever I am out of town i usually try to get some E done! Therefore I have seen alot of people in a few different cities. My dream would be to see Josie, but I didn’t realize that face clearance such as this was even an option !
I am excited to follow your progress and i hope it goes wonderfully for you!

Danika, you are writing like you have never seen my sister’s diary! (Work by Jossie on our faces)

Both me and my sister had much higher density of hairs than HCD and we are both almost completely done.

My cheeks, chin and neck had lots of black fuzz (which I bleached and would say HCD could do the same for the time being) that was very dense and grew to quite long lengths along the jawline and on the neck.

My sister had thick and dense sideburns down to her jawline which are now GONE and she barely had a forehead since the whole area was covered in dense black growth… again, cleared and she now has a lovely forehead and new hairline.

Sister before
Sister before
Sister after Sep 2012 (3 clearances on sideburn area)
I hope to take more photos within the next few weeks.

Thanks danika!

Stoppit, it’s great you guys are seeing amazing results. I can’t wait to have smooth skin.

Hello people,

So yesterday I had my first session ever, it was 5 hours long and I was determined to get through it.

Before I set off I had washed my face with surgical soap.

Reached Glasgow, had a little chat with Mairi. She is a lovely lady and I am very happy that she is my electrologist.

Mairi used Picoflash on me

Before we got started Mairi wiped my face with antiseptic wipes, and we started on my hairline and sides (between eyebrows and hairline). We spent 1.5 hours on my forehead and then moved on to the middle brow for 30 mins.

We had about half hour break as I was hungry, and I’m sure Mairi was too. After the break we started on the forehead again for another hour.

We then moved onto the upper lip which I had applied EMLA on as when I used to get it threaded it would really hurt so I knew I couldn’t go without EMLA , we spent 40 mins on the upper lip until I couldn’t handle anymore.

Then for the remaining time we moved back onto the forehead and then did some eyebrows and finished off doing above the eyebrows.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a clearance due to time restrictions but I am hoping to see Mairi again in March.

From looking at the photos I can see my hairline isn’t even so next time might go a little higher on my right side, what do you guys think?

When Mairi was working on my eyebrows I was looking in the mirror, I didn’t have too much taken off as I don’t know about the shape so I will assess that, Usually when I used to get it threaded it would be slim but I don’t think I want them too thin now.

I didn’t find it painful, the sensation was weird, I cant really describe it, a bit into electro on my forehead my leg twitched with each “zap” which got quite annoying for me.

I had taken Ibuprofen on the train as I started to get a migraine.

I was a little swollen and red but that’s about it.

When I got home I used the surgical soap again and some Iodine and went to bed.

1 day after treatment, I am still slightly swollen, and have pin point scabs, and some whiteheads. When I woke up I washed my face with the soap again and then applied some aloe.

I don’t feel the area to be tender or itchy as yet. Lets see how I go

Here are some pics when we finished treatment… and I took one on the train, its not clear as I couldn’t get the camera to focus due to the moving of the train.

My husband had accompanied me and he was a star throughout, he was very patient whilst I was having my treatment done <3

PS. Apparently I look like the hulk according to my lil bros :blush:

qwerty Attachments



Upperlip (train).JPG

Some more photos 1 day after treatment…

qwerty Attachments


forehead (2).JPG

forehead (8).JPG

left side (3).JPG

right side.JPG

And some more…

qwerty Attachments




side upp lip (2).JPG

forehead (5).JPG