My disastrous experience !!!

Before I start to explain my bad experience with epilators, I want to warn everybody : Dont ever use it on your face !!!

Well,2 months ago, being desperate about my upper lip hair, I was searching what I could do and finally decided that I will buy the Braun 830 facial epilator,after reading numerous good reviews about it and mostly about how it eliminates the growth etc ( unfortunately I didn’t come across hairtell).
I really don’t know what I was thinking at that moment when I decided to use it in the rest of my face,because it was not working on my upper lip hair ( were too short).Maybe I thought lets make a test ! who knows?? I didn’t have any single problem with my facial hair, it was blonde unnoticeable fuzz,however, after being so sure that it will just remove the hair and it will grow back the same, I used it on my face. I even used it under my eyes and on forehead,seriously??Surely, I was out of my mind. I really now remember these blonde fine hair to fall down from the rotator and I am still trying to understand why I did such a thing!
I am only 24 years old and I am not having hormonal problems. As you understand more hair came back and of course not blonde! To make things worse,it also destroyed my skin with ingrowns,pigmentation and scars ,which I am still fighting and it seems I will fight for years. All these are happening now in between my exam period in the last year of university. Can you imagine ? I am so depressed and ashamed about it, after the hair came back and the skin problem,that I have lost so many hours from my studying ,thinking about it and researching about what to do. Another bad event is that I got lasered my upper lip and got hyperpigmentation. I know there are worse things in life, but there are moments I am thinking that I am destroyed!

I would like to ask you, will I ever find an electrologist that can work on my hair ? ? ?
I visited one in my region and declined to work ,because she said the hair are fine and she could burn my skin. Is that true ? I am going to ask also some other.
I am attaching photos of the problem. Maybe the use of flash makes it to seem worse, but the hair are really there and make me devastated every day.
I would appreciate any advise and help. Thank you.

Oh you poor dear,

Indeed, your story has been repeated THOUSANDS of times. Still, I don’t think you have done any permanent damage. Hairs, in many cases, have a tendency to revert back to their original form. So, I expect that you will be fine … however, it’s going to take a year for this to correct itself.

Meanwhile, what do you do "now?’ You are going to get some good solid help in a few moments from the other electrologists here … just hold on a bit.

Hmmm not sure if you mean me Michael, but I suppose I have been pretty absent for a few days. I’m getting busy, and I have only JUST started booking up…it’s honestly a little scary and overwhelming. I sure am thankful to be working with someone who knows this business, because there sure is a lot to know.

I’m also wondering about your advice in this case. If I understand correctly you believe these hairs will revert to their previous form, and I just havent seen that happen though it does seem reasonable that given the same hormonal balance and genetics that that COULD happen there does seem to have been a substantive change, that is the strengthening of the hair root. I’m not sure I’d believe that can reverse itself of it’s own accord without actually witnessing such happen. Maybe I’m getting too pessimistic in my old age!

20 some years ago I started plucking my brows. Oh my goodness they look awful! I stopped doing it about 2-3 years ago. Testosterone has been undetectable during all of that period. Now, perhaps my case is too extreme for this “returning to their previous state” to occur, but i also have not noted any reduction in those 2-3 years. So, personal experience is that this may not happen ( not saying it wont, just not in my experience says no which is admittedly limited) .

I’m also noting that the hair growth appears largely on the neck, bottom of the jaw line and then halts abruptly or is less dense. This much looks like a surplus of testosterone in the system could be complicating the issue and not necessarily the single use of an epilator. If it were just the epilator, I would expect to see the same growth on the forehead and upper cheeks which were also done, yet they seem unaffected.

As for removing it with electrolysis, my opinion is the electrologist just didnt want to do the work. It’s very possible to remove hairs like this.i will say a few weeks ago I would have shyed away from it as well as inserting into fine follicles can be extremely challenging but with a fine probe and good optics it can be done. The hair looks dense to me in the neck area, this tells me the growth is probably genetic or hormal in nature.

Keep looking at other electrologists, then concentrate your treatment on the larger/darker hairs that are less likely to thin out, dont be in a hurry to do the finer ones and wait and see if Michael is correct and they revert on their own.

Thank you very much both for your advice!
I also don’t think that is possible for the hair to revert back,unfortunately. But, who knows. Hormones are checked and are fine.