My 12 year old daughter- what to do!

Hello all, I am new on here, i was looking on the internet for a bit of help with my daughter when i found you. The problem is my daughter has lots of facial hair, its blonde but it covers her cheeks and chin and she is so self concious about it. My husband is really hairy and i think she has unluckily got this from him in her genes.

we have tried one of these home threading tools but its so painful for her and the hair seems to grow back quickly and is very prickly. So can anybody suggest what would be the best thing to try for a pre-teen (who is also getting quite a lot of spots which doesn’t help her confidence). Is there a cream available from the doctors possibly ??? Really would appreciate any help you can give, thanks sam x

No cream, no potions, or moonlight ceremonies will cure this problem. You need to look high and low for a good electrolysis practitioner, who has good magnification and a skill with shallow hairs. If you tell us where you are located, we may be able to help you in your search.