Mundelein: The Permanent Choice electrolysis

The Permanent Choice<br>
Cheryl Picciola, CPE
<p> 25975 Diamond Lake Road Suite 101<br>
Mundelein, IL 60060 <br>
(847) 977-3619<br>
Office Hours:<br>
Days, Evenings & Saturdays
<p>Description of Practice:<br>
[li] Comfortable and effective permanent hair removal [/li]
<LI>Specializes in all 3 types of Electrolysis: Thermolysis, Blend & Galvanic
<LI>Utilizes state of the art computerized equipment
<LI>Practicing experienced Board Certified Electrologist
<LI>Member of AEA & EAI
<LI>Follows current Sterilization Standards for your safety
<LI>Private and individually customized treatments
<LI>Testimonials available from satisfied patients<br>
Call for complimentary consultation </LI>