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Hello everybody.
I’m a 20 year old darkish haired fair skinned male and in the last few years I’ve really started to dislike my body hair. I don’t really have much on my chest or back but my leg hair is pretty thick. I’ve tried shaving once before with terrible results. I became very itchy and red and had hundreds of ingrown hairs. Recently I tried waxing myself (I’m too poor and embarrassed too get it done professionally and it seemed to work alright although I was red for several days. I am now seeing some significant regrowth not that long after, I think many of the hairs are breaking rather than being pulled out at the root. And once again it’s very itchy and I think my skin actually looked better when it was hairy :frowning: . I use tend skin but have not seen any significant results from it.

My other question is about my face. I always shave with the grain and as a result I always have stubble. I switched from my Mach 3 turbo to a Sensor Excel recently just because of the cost of the blades and I actually find this razor irritates my skin less than the Mach 3 did, but shaving against the grain still causes redness and a few ingrowns. I’d really like to have a smooth face for once.

Any help with these issues would be appreciated :smile:


I recommend (literally not funny) to buy an epilator

read my post here

it explains how a ROTARY epilator can be used to thin leg hair without it looking cut,

it yanks some hairs and leaves others. run it quickly over the leg to thin it out. it’s an easy concept to grasp

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