Multiprobe Galvanic Electrolysis

Hello everyone,

I have been going to electrolysis treatments now for approximately 3 months. Due to me living in Oklahoma City, I did not have the opportunity to pick electrolysis method since there is only galvanic practitioners in the region. Although Galvanic electrolysis is said to be as effective other as any other method (high killing rate), it is super frustrating how slow it is.

I just changed to a new practitioner due to a great personality mismatch and hygienic factors and I have to say that the new practitioner seems much better in terms of personality. Nevertheless, the practitioner insists that the current should be on for 6 minutes before removing the needles (my old one did 3 minutes), which makes the whole galvanic process even slower. She says and I quote, “since you are treating a male beard area we need to account for more time per insertion.” Certainly, she makes a fair point, but double the time of my old practitioner, who by the way did a good job (once again, just a personality mismatch and hygienic factors), is not that a bit too much? It is just super frustrating to pay over 100 dollars an hour for 45 treated hair follicles. Is my frustration reasonable or is my practitioner correct with her insertion-time estimates?

Any and all answers will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Each electrologist is going to have a different understanding of how to apply the current and for how long. Some are more right than others, and it’s difficult to know who has the better judgment considering all the factors that are involved in deciding the appropriate intensity and exposure time.

Having said that, as I’ve mentioned in previous threads, I don’t have any patience for electrologists who suggest galvanic treatment as a matter of course. It certainly has a time and a place, but there is a reason modern electrologists will opt for other modalities a vast majority of the time. You ideally want an electrologist who is comfortable and capable in all modalities and is willing to change their treatment based on your needs (but the client must also respect their knowledge and experience).

Whether it’s three minutes or six minutes per follicle, it’s not acceptable for me if the treatment area is large and/or dense. I understand you may not have a choice due to location, but I’ve potentially found a clinic for you in Oklahoma City with several electrologists, and it appears that they do not favour galvanic. Let me know if you’d like to know the details, and I can drop it here or message you. It might be one you’ve already contacted.

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I agree with you Scurvy.

Always check out the local people. It’s interesting to compare. We electrologists are all different, but we usually all do a good enough job to permanently get rid of hair.

Galvanic is awesome modality, but I don’t understand why one do slow (but awesome) galvanic when there are quicker ways to permanently remove hair that are just as effective. People want the hair fast and they want you to move along to cover as large an area as possible. They don’t want to look like a walking pizza afterwards either. There are ways to accomplish this so everyone is satisfied.

First of all, thank you for your response! Yes, I would greatly appreciate if you could send me details about your findings :slight_smile:

I’m considering traveling from the panhandle of Texas to Oklahoma City for the express purpose of getting galvanic specifically. Do any of these practitioners use multi-needle galvanic? Could you expand on the issues (personality, hygienic, speed) you have had with each place? Also, have you continued with galvanic? Are you seeing results? I’m really trying to decide who, if anyone, I should trust there to do faithful, successful galvanic treatments. Thanks!

My advice is to inquire with local dermatologists. There are no magic modalities, machines, or techniques. All of them achieve permanent hair removal. The most important factor is to find a skilled practitioner.

I have been to many skilled thermolysis and blend practitioners for several marathon sessions because I had friends who had great success with them. Most of the these friends have completed their treatments successfully. I have not had any such luck using the same practitioners and same schedules. I really think I need to try straight, ol’ galvanic before I give up for good. There are no skilled practitioners (of any modality) in the part of Texas that I live in. I have been going to E3000 in Dallas, but again, no such luck in having any kind of improvement… even though I have seen people have success there. I know of some straight galvanic places in California to try next, but until I found this OP post, I had no idea there were some in Oklahoma City. They don´t sound like they are MNG, but I´ḿ willing to give any galvanic practitioner within a 4 hour drive a shot. I was just wondering if they could point me to who they would recommend trying first.

Why are you convinced that galvanic electrolysis will meet your expectations?

I’m not convinced-- that’s why I said I think I need to try straight galvanic before I give up for good. I think it is a real possibility that nothing will work.

I had no success with over 60 hours of thermolysis, and I had a little success over 20 hours of blend, so maybe I will have even more success with galvanic. I want to try the chemical reaction of lye in my hair follicle for a longer period of time. Like I said, I know some people can just choose any modality, and it will work, but it hasn’t been the case with me.

Plus, I have tried a friend’s One Touch for a weekend, and it was one of the only times I felt what it was like to have hair pulled out without any resistance, so if I was able to have that success with that machine, I want to see what a skilled technician can do with a professional MNG machine. I think the technicians I have been to in the past are used to seeing great success with their technique and are just as flabbergasted that I’m not responding and that my hairs were still so resistant to being pulled even through multiple adjustments, zaps, marathon sessions, etc. I really believe they were trying and doing all they could do-- things that I have seen work perfectly on some of my friends, but they weren’t trying pure galvanic (which is what the One Touch is)…so I want to try it professionally before I give up on hair removal.

During your thermolysis and blend treatments did the hair release without traction? How many hours (approximate) did you have with E3000 and what if anything did they say about your lack of response? From what I understand, E3000 treatments are fairly aggressive.

It’s a real shame you’ve had such poor results so far, but it is not scientifically possible for nothing to work. When electrolysis is performed correctly, no matter the modality, the hair will be removed permanently. It’s difficult to understand the issue with your case in particular when there are not many details, but since you seem adamant about galvanic, I hope you can find a suitable electrologist.

I think you may need to travel further than Oklahoma City. As I remember, all the electrologists the poster of this thread saw were only using one probe. You might have some luck searching for an electrologist through the AEA website.

This explain why you did not have results. Find an electrologist who can releases the hair without resistance. Modality is just a method to do that.

I had about 60 ( really, I would argue 120 because of the two technicians) hours of thermolysis at E3000, which means I had 10 times of going there and within 6 hours had my face cleared by two people. I did not feel pain because of the shots they give you, but I did feel like I felt a significant pull or traction about every 3rd pull around my chin. It could have been just thick roots like they said and that was the sensation I had… but because they did the numbing, I don’t know.

Like, I said, others who had full beards started and finished in the same amount of sessions that didn’t make a dent in me… so it cannot be the technicians or the technique when used on those clients.

Same thing for the few marathon clearings I had with a technician who used the blend technique. I saw for myself her results, and it was the main reason I went to her. So again, I know she is talented and capable with her method, but for some reason, no budge with my chin hairs.

I feel like you are blaming them for just not doing their methods correctly, but like I said, I had proof they can do it correctly… I feel like you know that I could never afford to come see you from Texas, so it feels safe to just blame it on technician error, but care to pay for flight and hotel (I’ll pay for treatment) to prove me wrong? Lol

I just came back from Oklahoma City galvanic, and it was a cool experience. I did feel some tugging but not nearly as much as thermolysis. It is frustratingly slow, but if the hairs are really gone, it will be worth it.

I was also paranoid the entire time that my body wasn’t touching the sponge or that the sponge wasn’t plugged in or whatever? Does that mean the chemical reaction won’t happen if the sponge isn’t also connected?

I had 10 marathon treatments of 6 hours a piece with two technicians at E3000. So, really, 120 hours of work on my face total from them.

There was some clearing with the wispy hairs around the male of my neck and sideburns, but the thick, course, goatee hairs are still exactly the same.

I really feel like they did their best, and I know that my exact same technicians worked on two of transgender friends with full beards and they cleared their faces completely (I mean, they have like 2 appointments a year for tiny, tiny amount of hairs) in the same amount of time that I went there.

They said that I would see results. I just had to keep coming in, but it felt like throwing my money down the drain.

Maybe thermolysis really works with the “coming in multiple hours every week“ schedule… which isn’t an option where I live. The closest place with reliable electrolysis is 4 hours away in Oklahoma City, and I am a teacher. It’s just so frustrating.

If the inactive (sponge) electrode is not properly connected, galvanic action will not take place in the follicle.

Did you read that?

Let me know if you have questions.

Thanks, but I’m really not in the market for a new place. I bit the bullet and traveled 4 hours for galvanic and did 8 hours in the chair. It was much slower than blend or therm, but unlike any of the times I have tried those methods from places where my friends had a lot of success and I was back to a full-beard and shaving the next week with therm or blend, I didn’t have to shave the area that was treated using galvanic for three whole weeks. Then, when the new growth grew in, I could barely even see the hairs they were so sparse, just feel them, and I got the same area treated a second time and haven’t had to shave the area for a whole month. I’m sure the new growth will grow in soon, but galvanic is clearly the answer for me. This is 2 clearances in an area that actually showed any kind of noticeable improvements as compared to the year of going to E3000 every month for a year for that same area and still looking the same. I know you believe all methods are the same and that it is just the technician’s skill (even though these technicians were clearly skilled with my friends but suddenly not for me hmmm) or whatever, and I’m sure that keeps the peace on here for people to agree to that unified no-one-way-is-better message, but it wasn’t a beneficial message for me. It kept me stuck going into treatments that just weren’t giving me the lye my roots needed, and I’m so happy I found galvanic, especially for my chin hairs.

I am happy that you found the place where the operator uses its method correctly. Now I think you will start believing that the electrolysis works on everybody.
Best. Dimi

Hi… İm from turkey and here we have little machines come from out for example apilus or sterex but we have local and chine brands and al 13.5mh so all machines give same results working the same way… Because apilus so expensive

“Results” have nothing to do with the brand or frequency of the machine. It is the skill of the operator that determines the outcome.

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