Multiprobe Galvanic Electrolysis


Hello everyone,

I have been going to electrolysis treatments now for approximately 3 months. Due to me living in Oklahoma City, I did not have the opportunity to pick electrolysis method since there is only galvanic practitioners in the region. Although Galvanic electrolysis is said to be as effective other as any other method (high killing rate), it is super frustrating how slow it is.

I just changed to a new practitioner due to a great personality mismatch and hygienic factors and I have to say that the new practitioner seems much better in terms of personality. Nevertheless, the practitioner insists that the current should be on for 6 minutes before removing the needles (my old one did 3 minutes), which makes the whole galvanic process even slower. She says and I quote, “since you are treating a male beard area we need to account for more time per insertion.” Certainly, she makes a fair point, but double the time of my old practitioner, who by the way did a good job (once again, just a personality mismatch and hygienic factors), is not that a bit too much? It is just super frustrating to pay over 100 dollars an hour for 45 treated hair follicles. Is my frustration reasonable or is my practitioner correct with her insertion-time estimates?

Any and all answers will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Each electrologist is going to have a different understanding of how to apply the current and for how long. Some are more right than others, and it’s difficult to know who has the better judgment considering all the factors that are involved in deciding the appropriate intensity and exposure time.

Having said that, as I’ve mentioned in previous threads, I don’t have any patience for electrologists who suggest galvanic treatment as a matter of course. It certainly has a time and a place, but there is a reason modern electrologists will opt for other modalities a vast majority of the time. You ideally want an electrologist who is comfortable and capable in all modalities and is willing to change their treatment based on your needs (but the client must also respect their knowledge and experience).

Whether it’s three minutes or six minutes per follicle, it’s not acceptable for me if the treatment area is large and/or dense. I understand you may not have a choice due to location, but I’ve potentially found a clinic for you in Oklahoma City with several electrologists, and it appears that they do not favour galvanic. Let me know if you’d like to know the details, and I can drop it here or message you. It might be one you’ve already contacted.


I agree with you Scurvy.

Always check out the local people. It’s interesting to compare. We electrologists are all different, but we usually all do a good enough job to permanently get rid of hair.

Galvanic is awesome modality, but I don’t understand why one do slow (but awesome) galvanic when there are quicker ways to permanently remove hair that are just as effective. People want the hair fast and they want you to move along to cover as large an area as possible. They don’t want to look like a walking pizza afterwards either. There are ways to accomplish this so everyone is satisfied.


First of all, thank you for your response! Yes, I would greatly appreciate if you could send me details about your findings :slight_smile: