Multiple needle galvanic

Looking for a used galvanic machine, as they stopped manufacturing them in the US.
Anyone have a working machine that she does not need.




any electrolysis machine that does blend would do galvanic only if you turn the thermolysis side down to zero.

Stay away from Vector machines, they are poorly made and break easily (if they are not inoperable right out of the box) For the same money, one can get a usable older used pro unit.


Responding to the topic of multiple needle. I have been using multiple needle for 25 years, and get wonderful results. The first round of hairs, I believe that I get 85% permanent. If anyone knows of a multiple needle machine, I would like to purchase one.
Judith Engelhardt

Look at Texas Electrolysis Supply they have several used Multi Needle machines selling, grab it before they’re gone. I like the sound of the Nova model which is a 6 channel Blend! I never thought multi-needle blend was possible or existed. The results would be lightening faster than galvanic multi needle! I wish I had extra cash just to grab a machine like that.

I have called Texas Electrolysis Supply numerous times, but nothing is available, when I called…

I just joined this forum and I am not sure how to navigate it for sure. I also have and love multiple needle electrolysis. I am a little panicked about what will happen when my gentronics quits working, or you can no longer get parts. I too and looking. Hopefuly someone will start manufacturing these machines again. Joann Haynes

Oh, that was exciting. it actually posted. I am kind of excited to be a part of this forum. If anyone knows where I can buy a digital gentronics, multiple needle machine. I would love another one. Also, is anyone using it for single needle blend, and if so, how is it working? I have always used the fischer cbx compublend for single needle. Joann