Multiple-Needle Galvanic the best method?

I have finally broke down and decided to begin electrolysis treatments after relatively disappointing laser treatments. (Hind-sight I wouldn’t have done laser at all and just did electrolysis).

The clinic I will be going to does multiple-needle galvanic and blend. The lady said that she recommends the multiple-needle galvanic method as opposed to the blend.

She said that this method is much more successful than the blend. She also said that the hairs would be killed with the multiple-needle galvanic whether they were in the growth stage or not. Thus, a regular schedule was not as much an issus as is with other methods. She charges $95 per hour.

How accurate is this information?

I will be treating relatively large amounts of hair, some coarse(face)and others semi-coarse to thinner (arms, back, etc.)


All three modalities of electrolysis will kill hair permanently.

At $95 per hour, I would not do multi-needle galvanic on such large areas. Even blend may be way too slow, but it is certainly a jump up from galvanic as far as time to first clearnace goes. If you think you spent a small fortune on laser, wait until you add things up for the multi-needle method. I’m sure your lady does her thing very, very well, but if you have some other electrologists in your area that have the expertise and equipment to do microflash thermolysis or even a slower thermolysis, I know you would be better off in the long run.

You can try her out for a couple of appointments and see how you progress. I think you will get the picture about what I’m saying here real soon.

Clients have to give up eventually when a very slow method is used for a large area, as they see piles of money leaving their wallet each week. Think Thermolysis.


I’ve wavered between blend and thermolysis in my treatments and I have settled on thermolysis being the most effective in terms of speed. At $95 an hour I suggest you should go for the fastest method possible.

Wow $95.00 hr where are you from?

I’ve tried blend and thermolysis at the same price of $60/hr and found thermolysis to be faster and more effective. usually, an electrologist can only get 1-2 hairs per minute with blend (and even slower with galvanic), but 5-6 with thermolysis.

NM. Is this a crazy price? Sounds like Thermolysis might be the better way to go rather than multiple-needle galvanic for large areas. Has anybody tried the waxing before electrolysis method?

Electrolysis hourly fees are pretty standard in a city regardless of the mode used.

Are you paying more for the multi needle because you are using more desposible needles? Then the blend might be more cost effective.

Multi needle is great if you have an efficient operator and if she/he suggests it you most likely do have an efficient operator. If you can see more improvement quickly in the Multi-N area then there is a payoff.

I don’t recall you mentioning the blend just Multi and therm.

Is it an option?