Multineedle electrolysis in Uk

Hello there, please does anyone knows where to buy multi needle machine in Uk, does anyone teach it? Many thanks

You would be better off looking for pre-owned digital Gentronics epilator, complete with the rack of 16 wires. Mairi Hawkes in the UK is selling one, but the rack may gone by now? Next, you would need to find someone that uses a Multi-Needle Galvanic epilator. Maybe you can pay Mairi to teach you. Better yet, you can enroll in a school if you are not an electrologist.

The digital Gentronics is a nice device. It does all three modalities, but it is no longer made or serviced by the original owner.

Progress :blush:
I’m certified electrologist 4+
Working on Apilus but found Mari with your advice and bought unit. Keep practicing now :white_check_mark:
Thank you