Multi-needle? Please explain..

I don’t understand what the difference is between a multi-needle device and a single needle – other that the multi-needle obviously has more than one needle. Is it made with wires for multiple folicles at the same time? I just can’t picture this in my mind.

Since Simple Galvanic Electrolysis can take as much as 15 minutes per hair, and most people could not stand to go through all that just to get somewhere between 4 and 60 hairs per hour, machines with many small probe holding curtains were made so one could perform galvanic with many probes and just wait while 16 to 32 hairs cooked at the same time.

No one would use multi-probe for thermolysis, it would be a waste of time and effort to set all those probes and then flash them, and then take them all out and then remove the hairs.

There are a few multi-probe blend machines out, but those are more for multiple operators working on one person.

If the person is getting treated in Thermolysis, or Blend, the person is getting treated with a single probe/needle machine 99.9% of the time.