MtF needs help (Laser vs. Electrology dilemma)!

Hello Everyone!

I am new here, and I was hoping I could get some advice. I am 21 years old on a quest to get my sex changed to a woman (note: I haven’t started hormone therapy as of yet…). My biggest roadblock right now is hair removal.

I have been going to a electrology school for treatment since March 2007, approximately 3 hours per week @ $15.00 per hour (23+ hours so far). They tell me it will take 2 yrs to be finished completely.

03/01/2007 - 15min
03/08/2007 - 1 hr
03/16/2007 - 3 hrs
04/13/2007 - 3 hrs
05/12/2007 - 3 hrs
05/26/2007 - 3 hrs
06/02/2007 - 3 hrs
06/06/2007 - 4 hrs
07/14/2007 - 3 hrs

All of the treatments are done by senior students, and I always have a different student working on me; because they are students they tend to move pretty slow (mustache= 1hr & 30 min, half of a sideburn= 1hr & 30 min). I have some scarring and a lot of re-growth in areas that they have already done; needless to say I am not too happy with the results.

I am considering doing laser, as I have found a pretty good deal, much less time and money than what I am spending now. Not to mention the fact that they work with two medical doctors. They also told me that they have never had a client come in to have an area re-done after the required treatment time of 6 appointments per area. They also said that they will remove my entire beard, mustache, and neck (beardline) each treatment. They even gave me a free test patch, and compared to electrolysis it is painless.

For my entire beard
*6 treatments @ $1600.00
*$200.00 down.
*12 payments of $145.00 after that.
*2 year guarantee= if any hair at all comes back within 2 years after the last treatment they will remove it for free.

Does anyone have any advice at all?

Should I seek a professional Electrologist, and spend more money?

Should I opt for Laser Hair Removal?

My biggest concerns are time, and funds. I really need to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible, I am getting terribly desperate. I cry almost every day, and I feel like I am going to go through a complete mental breakdown if this hair doesn’t go away. Help!

laser is not painless (if you are doing it right) and you will still need electrolysis when finished with laser - it will not get every hair.

I was doing laser on my neck till we got first clearance and they turned it up to high (this was in a doctor’s office also) and scarred up my neck pretty bad. I will not be doing any more laser on my face.

I would recommend trying some professional electrologists.

PS - I am MtF also.

ALiciadarling and lagirl will definitely have something to say to you.

Two clues from this place are alert signs for you and you should perk up and listen: 6 treatments per area and no one comes back and compared to electrolysis it is painless. There are other flags as well, but I’m sure the other posters will explain later.

Beware. Please beware of this kind of sales pitch. Look for a professional electrologist with speed and a reputable laser establishment. You will most likely benefit from a combination if you find professionals that care about YOUR successful outcome.


Thanks for coming in on this NikkiSTL. I forgot to include you, but will do better next time. :slight_smile:

NikkiSTL: laser is not painless (if you are doing it right)…

dfahey: 6 treatments per area and no one comes back and compared to electrolysis it is painless.

I said it was painless because they didn’t do it on any actual dark hair follicles, since I wasn’t clean shaven at the time of the consultation.

it sounds like you went to one of the national chain clinics and haven’t read up on laser hair removal to find out what machine etc would be best for you.

i would strongly recommend for you to read the FAQs right below my post first so you can figure out if you’re a candidate and what the best machine etc for you would be. then, i would recommend you to run a search on this forum to read other laser experiences from males on their faces.

Is there a reason you’re not starting hormone treatment first? It would probably help slow down the growth and make the hair removal more effective.

Also, you may save money in the long run and your skin as well if you go to a reputable experienced electrologist instead of the electrology school.

Just so you understand that no one should ever tell you that laser is painless. We are trying to help you along so you don’t get disheartened and depressed if expectations are thwarted. :frowning:

yes, laser is definitely not painless. if you’re not feeling much, you should ask for your money back because you’re being undertreated and won’t see any results.


As much as the laser may reduce the amount of hair, and may be
a good starting point, you will probably have to finish with electrolysis. I started with 9 sessions of laser and was not happy with the amount of regrowth I was getting. It certainly would not have been acceptable for a woman to have that amount of facial regrowth.One part that especially bothered me was the amount of dark hairs which came back as well as light hair.

After that I switched to electrolysis and about 140 hours later I am just doing occasional cleanup on the face. The average male beard probably takes about 200 hours without laser.
Maybe with laser first you can cut that figure down.

The key is to get to get to first clerance and then go for regular sessions to maintain that. James Walker has figures on how many hours to get to first clearance, and then a reduced number of hours weekly to maintain clearance.Eventually you will require shorter weekly sessions as the regrowths get to be less.

I would try to find a good electrologist rather than going to these students, especially if they may be causing scarring as you mentioned. You need to figure out what you can afford and
try to work out a schedule that will work. Also be prepared to commit to however number of years you will need to be completely finished.

I know how important this is to you and I sympathize with your
hatred and frustration with the facial hair. I’ve gone through that.


If you had spent the same amount of time with me, (23.25 hours) you would have had First Clearance already, and have enjoyed the initial honeymoon period where you could go 3 weeks without shaving, and had started in on the maintenance already.

Some things are worth a little sacrifice, and a little extra money. After all, how much would you be willing to do to be minus 10,000 to 20,000 hairs by now?

Hey sweetie!

This is my first post here, so let me just say first I love this forum. Here’s my story.

I transitioned in college too. I did six sessions of laser in about 8 months before full time. It was a great decision, one of the best I made. I never had a heavy beard - but it killed it on my cheeks and chin big time. On my upper lip? Not at all. It’s been over a year and none of it has come back.

I’ve got about 20 hours left of electro to do - mostly on my neck and lip.

I wouldn’t have any illusions about laser being a panacea - but I will say it worked out well for me, and let me do full time relatively quickly.

BTW? Get on the Facebook, since you’re in school. It amazed me how much support I got from women at my college since I was well known and the sensed immediately that I was one of them.


I would recommend finding a good electrologist and sticking to regular appointments, as much as you can afford. You’ve only got one face, and I don’t recommend taking a chance on laser when it comes to what needs to be permanent hair removal.