Moving to Australia or New Zealand

I am thinking to move to Australia or New Zealand in near future. My goal is to to open an
electrolysis office there. Currently I am collecting information about the electrology situation in those 2 country. This will help me to decide is it worth it or no. Any input is much appreciated.


I can tell you what I know from the few electrologists who do work there who I’ve spoken to over the years, and from clients ( I currently have 3 from austrailia).which honestly, isnt a lot.
From what I understand, there arent a ton of austrailian electrologists, and those who are around seem to practise more as laser techs than they do work as electrologists. In every case where my clients have gone to austrailia, they havent been able to find someone suitable there. This is despite referring most of them to Christine OConnell , who seems to be too full or too far away for most of them. I havent heard of ANY new zealand electrologists and I have had clients from there post here who had to go to Austrailia just to find treatment .

I’ve no idea if there is any regulation in either country but Christine is a CPE , though I dont now if she got that designation in Aus or elsewhere.
Nora ( thinnou) is from Austrailia, so she may well be able to tell you more than I could .

Thank you Seana!
My impression is the same as what your information is. There are many beauty salons which mention electrolysis but they mostly do laser. When I searched in Google I did not find many specialised electrolysis clinics there. I do not know why. Maybe because there are not too many clients looking for electrolysis and do laser instead or lack of good electrologists.
I will try to contact Nora, thanks for suggestion!!
I think Australia recognises Dectro international school. I met a student from AUS taking the electrolysis course.
Thank you again for the info.

I could write several paragraphs on the situation in Australia, but the short story is that the education for electrology here is very poor and inaccessible for those who seek to become specialised electrologists. Learning to do electrolysis properly currently requires either studying in North America or studying under an Australian electrologist who has learnt, at least partially, in North America. This has led to a shortage of skilled operators.

Consumers are desperate for permanent hair removal, and many require treatments spanning several hours. However, most businesses offering electrolysis here refuse to treat for longer than 30 to 60 minutes. I’m sure you can see why this is problematic when so many people have had poor laser results on their legs, back, face and so on.

If you have any specific questions, I’ll be happy to try and answer them. The market for electrolysis in Australia is just waiting for someone to come in and take advantage of it. I hope you seriously consider opening your office here… and if you open your office here, I hope you also consider opening a school.

Thanks for you valuable information!!
I would love to open an office in Australia or New Zealand.
Seems that the information from different sources i received is the same-there is not enough good electrologist in this region. In New Zealand the situation is even worst.
Unfortunately I will not be able to open a school because there is already one in Australia.
Here is the link to their website:
Thank you Scurvy, if I have some questions later, I will send you a private message.


Hoping your mind is not 100% set to leave Montreal, Quebec. You have greatly contributed to our industry and wish you stay in communication with HairTelll community. You have answered our HairTell community with personalism and experience. I personnaly know that you will do very well wherever you decide to establish your new business.

Best of luck, Dimi, and stay in touch!
Cordially, a colleague, Lucie Desrochers, CPE in Gatineau, Quebec.

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please come to NZ!! NZ is a beautiful country with incredibly friendly people but more importantly NZ has a serious shortage of electrologists. I’m still a broke student but I’ve already contemplated moving countries upon finishing schooling, just so I can have easier access to better electrolysis services, but having a more qualified electrolysis in my home country would be incredible! I know this is a selfish reason, but NZ is so open to having more electrologists.


Im a electrologist in New Zealand, the above comments are correct there are not many. It is trained very briefly in beauty schools so students don’t have the confidence to do it professionally. I was fortunate enough to be mentored & trained by a London trained electrologist in Auckland named Charee Hooper, who runs a thriving, successful clinic. All the best with your decision on moving country.


Hello all!!
Some updates.
For now I did not find acceptable for me way to move to Australia.
There is only one way to move to NZ with Entrepreneur business visa. I have to invest at least 100,000 NZD and it will take about 2 years.
I am thinking to start the process but if somebody(preferably an electrologist) in NZ knows better way and he/she is willing to help me to move faster or cheaper to NZ, I will be happy to open an electrolysis clinic together and to make it the best clinic in NZ.

Hey Dimi,

I know of only two visas that would be appropriate for you to start your business in Australia. The first visa, regarding business, would require a minimum of AU$800,000 in personal and business assets to be transferred to Australia within two years of the visa start date, which is a big requirement for a small business investment. Most small business owners would have to consider selling their property in their home country to meet this requirement.

The other option is a skilled regional visa, which would require you to live outside of the metropolitan areas until you gain permanent residency. This also requires that your job description fits within the umbrella term of “Hair or Beauty Salon Manager”, which I would argue that electrology certainly does. I’m not sure of the legality of starting a business under this visa. This path seems more feasible, though opening an electrolysis clinic outside of a central area may not be in your interest. It is certainly possible though.

New Zealand is a nice place too, so good luck in whatever you choose, and I’ll update this thread if I know of any more information.

Hi Scurvy,
Thank you for the information.
I agree that 800,000$ are ridiculous amount of money for the small business.
NZ has similar visa and require only 100 000$ investment, which is more achievable.
That is why I am now focused on moving to NZ.


Do you guys know can I bring my machine in New Zealand. Will I have a problem on the border?
I will be in Auckland from 31st of January to 5th of February and in Wellington from 6th to 10th of February. I will be very happy to meet electrologists in these cities and to share some knowledge together.

Hi Asha
Where are you based in NZ? We see Charee and agree she’s fabulous!

Hi Dimi
Just realised who you were! Sorry I completely forgot to get back to you and I think your details are off our computer now! So sorry!
How are you getting on with all this?
Due to the virus I guess this all got a bit harder too!
Please come to Hamilton in NZ !
We would love that. We REALLY need someone centrally based in this country.
I have got nowhere at my end with finding somewhere to train in this country. Very frustrating. Id love to do this as an occupation not just a hobby but as a hobby I would have at least been able to work on my daughter who is struggling bigtime with hair growth in this virus lockdown! We can’t go to Charee for weeks and weeks!! So frustrating and upsetting for her.
Hope your plans are coming together.

I will try to find our correspondence and will get back to you.
Best. Dimi

Hi Fairygirl, Im located in Auckland. Sorry for the late response. I have just seen this. I had a baby in Feb 2020 so have been having a break from my electrolysis work. I am very excited to get back into it. I hope your daughter has been able to see Charee again. Its a process of patience but she will be hair free eventually. What a lucky girl to have you as a mum who takes her for electrolysis over any other form of hair removal which would make the problem worse.