Move to digital

For the past several years I have been working with a modified analog thermolysis epilator. Quite a while back, I sent the machine to the manufacturer for modification to double (approximate) the power output. The end result was astounding (especially when combined with Laurier insulated probes.) I then had the ability to eliminate most hairs with just one zap. It is a characteristic of most analog epilators to weaken over time, slowly robbing the electrologist of power. This has happened in my situation. The only option at this point is to have the epilator re-calibrated and/or repaired or buy new equipment. It’s like an older car and whether or not it’s worth it to invest money to get things fixed or to buy a new one. I have decided to make the plunge and purchase a new Instantron Elite Spectrum model K, and to upgrade my lighting and vision equipment by purchasing a new surgical spotlight and a surgical telescopic loupe. I am however in a quandary over the amount of magnification I will need. I am undecided between the 4x or the 6x. My only concern with the 6x is the extremely narrow field of view which would limit the amount of area I could see outside of a narrow treatment zone. The electrologist needs to see somewhat beyond the area being treated to know where to go next. The 4x seems appropriate to me as the field of view is approximately 50 millimeters compared with half that for the 6X. I will not be treating superfine vellus hair at all so I am really at a loss as to the amount of magnification I need. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.