Most natural looking hair removal method

For over a year and half i have gone without any body exposed to sun to give the best chance to my trial into LHR and zapping. But soon a vacation is planned which will have my lily white skin in swimsuits and beaches and the eyes of relatives nearby …eeks.

And so i am desperately seeking any good tips or tricks for how to get the best results ,most natural results , with reducing hair ,especially on ones arms . I have tons of blonde hair over most of my body (should have been a cat or a duck instead of a girl! ) and it just looks so obvious when I shave, or wax , part of my arm , especially in the sun! There is that line of zero hair and then the downy coat begins! However since there is still so much hair i feel uncomfortable and i do still need to temporarily remove it. Do i wax , shave , take forever trying to cut it down to some sort of reduction ?
it is such a drag to get sun and then shave ones arms and ones color right off. As well it leads to very dry skin which is already a problem. Maybe there is a method i havent thought of ?

Have you tried using a female facial hair trimmer on your arms( they look like pens?) You can test it out on a small area and see if you like the feel/ look of it?

Hi Danika,
What about using one of those silky mit (sandpaper type thingys) to whip over your arms? My girls also have the all over downy hair and may want to start doing something about their arms in a few years time and Im wondering whether to suggest this option to them if they bring up wanting to do something about them. They would also have the “tide mark” where the hair stops and starts. The silky mit might sort of thin / shorten the worst offenders and still leave it natural looking maybe?

Blonde or brown arm hair, probably not coarse? Danika, surely you must know by now, being a hairtell regular, that LHR is not suitable for this kind of hair and you can therefore expect little to no results.

Michk - Ive never seen or hear of pen like trimmers…thanks i will try to find one!

Fairygirl- Yes if i recall correctly the photos you once posted reminded me of my hair. I really never paid much notice to it when a child. I once tried those sand paper mits but found them very harsh on the skin so I would not suggest using them.

Stopit- generally blonde all over and then some brown mixed in areas , not coarse and yes I am aware of that thanks. Did the laser work on your arms at all? I wish i had an electrolysist here at home but I dont, so when i was out of town I went as often as possible but she worked only on the sideburn area, many hours over all and not enough of an overall reduction yet that i can stop shaving ;(

Panasonic makes one that is pinkish and looks like a thick pen. Advertised for facial/eyebrow hairs but can be used for arms,etc. I tried it on my arms(brownish hairs) for the annoying longer ones and it worked fine. I would spot test first to make sure you like the look of it. Also thinning out mine w electrolysis…

This one?

Ok i took a look but it seems like these are really just tiny razors. Not sure if that would look any different from shaving ?

Yes, that is the one. I thought it might be ok to use since you said it would take forever to "cut "down the hairs. When I tried it, I moved it slowly and it cut them shorter in the areas that bothered me. You won’t get the wax look, but it might make the hairs less noticeable. I can’t compare it to a regular razor, bc I have not used one on my arms. Good luck!

ok so it cuts short as opposed to actually shave the hair off. Good to know! Thanks

I think it will give a close shave if you go over the area more than once. Good luck! Tons of good reviews for it on amazon(as well as bad).

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