mosquito bite thermolysis

i tried flash thermolysis this week, just 10 hairs on my arms to try it out before getting 500+ removed.

i was just wondering if the temporary mosquito bite marks that last for about 1 hour after treatment are normal.

it’s been a few days now, and my skin looks normal again, but just wanted to check.

how do you know, for example, if they are using too much current or not?

also, does anyone know of a Flash Electrolysis unit called the “CyberBrain”? it was the one they were using, not sure if all machines are created equal.


is thermolysis electrolosis or is it something different?

Although thermolysis/diathermy is different from scientific electrolysis (that would be galvanic method only) it is called electrolysis for the fact that it has proven itself to be permanent hair removal, just as Blend and Galvanic.

The bumps you describe are normal, although some people don’t even get that much post treatment.

All machines are not created equal, some have more varieties and selectabilities than others, thus making some more comfortable than others.

I don’t know anything about the machine you named.

great thanks for the info.