More treatments or $3500 Canadian?

I’ve been going to this place for laser hair removal for the past two years. I’ve done it on my arms, back, chest and stomach about 9 times each; yet I have no result at all. The only satisfied results I’ve gotten were on my legs and lower back. Everywhere else is the same as before. So I started complaining and threatened to sue the owner and damage his publicity if he didn’t refund me. His argument is that I’m at an age that my hormones are changing and that’s why the hair-removal isn’t working (I’m 18).

So he gave me an offer to have 3 more treatments on each body part with this new laser machine that they have just purchased called “Comet”. He claims that this machine works on all skin/hair types, and that even Oprah gave it good feedback. Should I try it?

So should I go for the deal or should I keep demanding for a refund of $3500 (Canadian)? He also has a contract that I signed about the laser will not work on everyone. I don’t know if a lawyer could work around that.

Another thing; It’s been only 5 months that I haven’t done anything to the treated areas that I’m satisfied with, is it too early to judge?

Thanks you so much for reading and for any reply.


First I must ask are you male or female?

How light is your skin, and how dark is your hair?

What laser was being used on you?

The Comet is a Diode laser + Radiofrequency. It’s relatively new laser compared to other lasers. You can find out more information about the Comet laser and other laser related information by using the search feature on the laser board on this forum.

Hope this helped!


I am male and my hair is between brown and black. My skin colour is between white and tanned.

EDIT: The laser I was using before was the Diode Laser.


If it worked for Oprah it must be good!
I never knew she was that hairy to begin with till I heard that. Maybe they have a before and after picture of her?

Seriously though $3500 is expensive even if it is only Canadian money. You should probably take them up on their offer for more treatments with the other laser if they are free.

Trying to sue them would be a waste of money, since most laser places claim "hair reduction" which is hard to quantify. 

I got 9 lightsheer treatments on my facial hair before I switched to electrolysis. I still required lots of work with that method since.