More side effect photos

A reader sent me the following shots:

That is awful. What kind of laser did they use on her, and what percentage of people does this happen to? Please advise.

That looks at least as bad as the burns I got a year ago, on the back of my legs. Details at the bottom of:

However, they’ve faded to an unnoticable shade, and out of the 16 laser treatments I’ve had, that was the only mishap.


I am surprised that someone with such light skin would get those spots. Did they shave close before treatment? In the top picture the sking did look more tan. Were the sunbathing before or after treatment? That could have been a cause too.

IMHO, the Aurora would be much less likely to result in scabbing like that. I had my forearms done which are darker than my upper arms and there was no scabbing and I still got good results so far.


i have the same side effect…but recoverd after a month…now it’s ok…i would say w lightsher…reduce 40 % the hair on my legs…