More men shaving pits

I’ve been working out in a gym located on the San Francisco Penninsula, and I am struck by how many of the men are shaving their pits. Obviously, only those wearing sleveless shirts make it obvious if they shave, but of those men wearing tank tops or whatever men call shirts with no sleeves, well over half shave under their arms. To me, this makes it far more attractive for men to wear shirts like that while working out, especially in a room covered in mirrors it is not that pleasant to stare into a man’s sweaty hairy pits, where I instinctively stop breathing if I get too close. When they are shaved, they seem so much cleaner, and on men with nicely developed lats really show of their physique, and make their lats look thicker and more developed. I think men’s pits are just as sexy as womens, as long as they shave them, and clearly in a room designed to reflect your every move, those that plan to look at their own pits as they work out (why else where a shirt with no sleeves, except to show off your arms and lats) have realized they look a lot better shaved, and smell better too.

And have you seen this men in the shower too ?
I could imagin, that they shave their pubes too.

I don’t go to a gym;so I can’t see the trend toward hairless pits for men. I am glad that those that go to a gym are seeing that smooth underarms are becoming more mainstream

I think it will catch on as time goes on. Some NBA players are shaving their pits too.

Not only does it look better, but it feels great! And I was really surprised how great it felt when I went swimming in cool water. Now I know why competitive swimmers shave their entire bodies. I stay cooler in the summer, no perspiration stains, and need a lot less deodorant. And it’s easier to dry off after swimming or showering.

As my electrologist was finishing up my chest, she asked if I wanted to have my armpits done. I said sure. She said quite a few of her male patients are having them cleared.

Barrester’s experience is one reason I decided to have them cleared permanently. The feeling is incredible!


I don’t work out either, but I trim my armpits because it cuts down on the odor, and thus, the amount of deodorant I need to use–if I use too much, it irritates my skin. They’re definitely on the list of areas I’d like permanently removed!

Hi Veinlover and everyone!

I agree that smooth pits feel great and really cut down on BO but I don’t know if the SF bay area is really representative of the so-called “heartland”. I think the West coast and SF in particular, are pretty “progressive” places. It would really be interesting to hear from some other people from around the rest of the country. I’m from the Midwest myself but now live in Poland and I’ve seen some men with shaved pits here.

Hey, let’s keep this forum alive! It would be great if members could list their observations and the area in which they live and maybe, we’d have a better idea of the number of smooth pits in different parts of the States and around Europe.

Some recent observations of mine in Poland:

The other day, I was doing some cleaning when I came across a German “Men’s Health” issue from 2001. I leafed through it and found a number of men with smooth chests, pits and arms and that was from 2001! Yesterday, I also looked at the local flyers from Geant–a French hypermarket in Poland. They all had male models with smooth chests and pits but I couldn’t tell whether their arms were shaved or not.

I’ve really become more aware of this stuff since body shaving and have noticed that a number of Polish boxers (real tough guys) had smooth pits. LOL!!! Furthermore, many weight-lifting or fitness clubs have posters of bodybuilders that are hairless (chest, arms, pits).