More ingrowns because of hairs becoming thinner?

I have had 7 IPL treatmenst on my back. I had a lot of very thick hairs. Now the hairs are very thinn instead. My last treatment was at a new clinic and they shaved my back very badly so I got inflammations all over my back and became all bumpy and red and got dots etc etc. Now that my back hair is growing in again I notice that some hairs remain under the skinn just beneath the surface. I don’t know if this is becuase of my bad skinn condition (because the hair that is growing in is surrounded with inflamation in its follicle) or because thinn hairs tend to do this. I didn’t have this problem at my first clinic where they only trimmed down my hair before treatment.
How can one make the skinn inflammations heal better/faster?

Also, can one use depilatorie cream to remove the hairs above the skinn surface instead of shaving the hairs before IPL and laser treatments?
I tried a cream (Veet for men) on my thigh and didn’t get any skinn reaction at all.

Thinner hairs are less likely to become ingrown.

You probably got the ingrowns from bad shaving technique and the use of a cheap disposable razor. If you had a lot of irritation from the pre-treatment shave, that is most likely what caused the ingrowns. I doubt they would use a M3 Power or Venus Vibrance for the razor. The more likely used a Bic disposable LOL!

After 7 IPL treatments, how much hair reduction have you had?


Thankyou for the reply mr RJC2001.
Yes they used disposable razors and also they shaved me without cleaning my skinn and without anything at all, the skinn was all dry and they just swept the razors on it very harsly like they were painting my back. Also my arms and my whole front body. The arms had a bad reaction to, mostly upper arms, but the front body didn’t get so bad. It burnt very badly and I bled from a lot of places that were shaved - horrible. Like realy drops of blod! hehe

Do you know if it is a good idea to use depilatorie cream instead of shaving before treatment? Because I know that I am sensitive to shaving even if it is performed right and I want to let my skinn heal.

I have had very much reduction. But the reduction is mainly in the coarsness of the hairs. Before I had very thick hairs, they looked like pubic hars in the worst areas, and now they are all very thinn and fine. But of course also the number of hairs is reduced because I had two veru dense spots of hair at my laterals and one spot beneath the nape of my neck, and these areas are much reduced.
But my first 6 treatments was with another clinic that didn’t shave me and didn’t use compression at all when they zapped me (one of the practitioners heald the handpiece almost above my skinn surface, not on it!). At this new clinic I have had much better results - almost no patchess and it seems to grow slower and also spearser. This is my first treatment on my full upper body and 7:th on my back.

Hey Iranianboy,

Ive got a question for you.

The first 6treatments were very patchy? why was that, was it because they were not putting the IPL right on your skin?

Which technique did you find the better result, when they put the IPL on your skin or not?

Is your back still very patchy after 7 treatments? are you happy with the results after 7 treatments? how many more will you go for? What has the reduction been, 80%??


Yes Lawrence, I was always patchy between the first 6 treatments because the practitioners missed spots. When alla other hairs shed, I had geometrical spots that just continued to grow like islands. I had several spots like this every time and they were rather big - my practitioners were REALY bad. But every time they assured me that this is unavoidable and that everything will even out after a few treatments. But that is bull shit, and it didn’t even out after 6 treatments.

At this new clinic the tech is very thorough and hardly misses anything, and the few hairs she does miss she rezapps after 3 weeks ( I am doing full upper body so it’s hard not to miss anything). But the missed spots are not realy missed “spots” but missed hairs. After just one treatment at the new clinic the patchyness on my back is 70% reduced. I think that I will have 5 more treamtents on my back and then se if I will start waxing or just continue to treat my back every second month or so (money isn’t a very big issue for me). But I must say that the results I am seeing is not hair removal as in bald skinn, what I am seeing is that the hairs becomes finer and weaker with every treatment and then gets so fine that they almost look like peach fuzz. But I have dark skinn so they can’t use very high settings.

Also, the IPL prism is supposed to be pressed on your skinn not just be put on it. My practitioner actualy presses realy hard and uses her body weight - I don’t mean so hard that it hurts, but it’s real preassure.

About my reduction rate, I can’t say that I have realy removed very much hair. But they are so thin and weak that when I look at my back in the mirror it’s not even comparable with how it looked before. Before I had like scalp hair on my back!
But I must warn you, when you get used to the almost hair free periods between treatments, you think it’s horrible when the regrowth occurs and you don’t remember how you looked before you ever got treatments. That’s why you need to take before photos.

your awesome with sharing your experience. I really can’t believe that I spent so much money on this treatment without really researching about it before hand. Good on all you people out there who are doing your research before you get your treatments.

My experience is a little different, I have patches where fair has ceased growing completly, and islands of hair! I changed my tech after speaking to you guys.

So Iranianboy you would have done close to 13 treaatments by now. Is your back at all patchy now, and are you comfortable with the result?

Thankyou my hairy friends from around the world!

iranianboy has had treatments with IPL, not lasers. you need to take that in consideration too.

I have had 20 laser treatments using the apogee 9300 on just about my whole body,12 on chest,forearms and gave up a couple years ago with no results. My lower legs have a 50%
reduction,after 13 treatments. My back had about a 35% reduction 3 months after 19 treatment, I finally had to give up on laser because this pattern of results will go on for ever. So I will get my back waxed a couple times hoping that after 5 years of laser maybe the hair is weak and pray i can kill some hairs for good. I was a very hairy animal all over. After that I guess I will join the circus cause there is no hope after that,I have tried everything and people like me dont matter what I do, my hair cant be killed. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

what settings were used on you? have you had your hormone levels etc checked?

It’s good that you are seeing real hair removal as in bald spots lawrence. The results are so different for everyone because peoples physiology is different - when you study medicine you realy learn this fact.

You shouldn’t have patchess as you describe. The results should be even but not perfect because not even natural body hair is totaly even.

I haven’t had 13 treatments. I have had 7 treatments on my back (the first 6 of which peformed by extremely bad practitioners!) and one treatment on my full upper body. The results on my back is much more even now than it has ever been during the first 6 treatments. I think it will take 3 more treatments on my back to make it completely even.

Also, lagirl is right. I have had treatments whith IPL and not laser, but the principle in both methods is the same.