More Free junk from grumpy old Bono!

I’m finally getting started on my free Youtube stuff. If all goes well, I plan to show everything I have ever learned. All of it for free too. Anywhooo here’s the first offering. (We edited out the junk, mostly). (I still have 2,000 photos … maybe I’ll just make new ones?)

Go to Youtube and type in “telangitron.”

ALL of this will be dedicated to my most excellentest friend in the buz: JOSSIE

I hope this helps all the DIYers and the not-so-DIYers too. The vid quality stinks because I orginally did this on VHS (but have tons of original footage in High Def digital).

And, be careful, the procedure maybe not legal in your State … be dubious of those selling these devices and CLAIM it’s totally legal! Bunch of LIARS!


Awesome video, Master Bono!
Thank you for sharing, kind Sir!

Out of an old song:

“The best and most abundant wheat grows from the earth around an old volcano … thanks to the fire of its heart.” (This last part is my contribution) :wink:

Thank you so much Mike!

I’ll look at it when I have a chance, but I am literally swamped with personal issues at the moment. I guess I should as a member of the DIY’er and the not so DIy’er clubs.

First heard about Michael Bono in 1991 while learning electrolysis at collage in Glasgow, sadly they don’t offer electrolysis anymore as a course however 24 years later still able to learn from MB. :slight_smile:

"Madame Boom Boom’s Electrolysis Salon’

Nice to hear Mairi, sad the school in Scotland is "down.’ To me there is no "learning from …’ there is only "sharing with …’

In the old days, and still somewhat today too, we had the "Madame Boom Boom’ effect. Some random electrologist would claim she had a "new secret method’ that was (always) painless and better than everybody else’s. I HATED that shit!

Anybody remember "Lucy Peters?’ She claimed her own secret method, and those working for her were required to maintain her procedure as "top secret.’ She said all others methods didn’t work, except hers … Give me a break!

Why I "know what I do’ about anything is because I’m a total nuisance in any learning situation: I ask and ask and ask. Every teacher I had was annoyed with me … tough shit! Everybody knows something that I don’t know … so OUT WITH IT!

And, that’s all I’m trying to do now in my "twilight years.’ I’m now working on a video that should help all of us … big hurtle is re-learning all my software (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) But I’m doing it!

SHARE SHARE SHARE and be open about everything that you believe will help all of us. And, that includes patients too … why keep THEM in the dark about anything?

Can you imagine a physician that finds a cure for cancer and then keeps it a SECRET? Yeah, I’m not big on "secret societies,’ so I don’t join them. The "private’ electrolysis groups are just fine (I was a member for a tiny bit of time). I suppose folks feel more comfortable "in private?’ Not bad groups and I say "good on you,’ just not my thing.

I would rather have people YELLING at me in the open. At least I know they are alive and passionate and, therefore, moving forward. Make any sense?

(As a side note: Seana, in my opinion, has the right approach to all this … OPEN! I like it … seriously!)

There’s no reason for us to withhold the “secrets” of our craft. I’m open with pretty much everyone I talk with about what works, what doesn’t, what they should expect, etc. There are more than enough people out there wanting work done that we don’t have to keep the information under lock and key, whether it be from other professionals or from the DIY community.

As far as the secret groups go, I’ve found the secrecy more useful for discussing how to deal more with business problems, particularly how to handle problem clients, without posting it all over the internet, particularly like in a recent call I got where I suspected there might be potential for child sexual abuse going on (I ultimately went with the advice of my lawyer and a therapist I know that specializes in child abuse, but it was something I felt worth discussing with other professionals in case they’ve had a similar experience).

Well now having had a look at this video, I’ll add some constructive criticism?

the link for the video is found here:

Is there a reason you didnt post the actual link?

First, I wholly endorse any permanent resource that gives free access to information about electrology. I do think it important to have such things, and some years ago made my own effort at creating access to a list of resources of information. So where is it? Why has it not been utilized? Well the answer, like so much of the internet, and this is especially true of any information on hairtell, is it’s “Somewhere” in the bits and bytes that make up the database that hold the content. And unless somebody acesses it and adds to it, it’s gone if not posted to for a few days, and other threads appear. Now we could make the thread a sticky to overcome this, but, we on this site do not have the ability to edit our own posts after about a day. I’m certain there is some kind of security reason for this. However this does limit the usefulness of the information, because as things moved, get deleted or changed it means that we cannot update the information, or delete it if it’s dead and cant be found. So there is a watering down of the information over time, and eventually, the information becomes completely irrelavant, no matter how good or bad a resource it is. I think Michael would agree with me on this point.

So how do we get around this? Well the answer, lies in a couple areas. First, if we dont own copyright to the information, we cannot just copy it to our own site. And if something gets moved, or changed, and no one maintains it or periodically checks that it is all still current and accurate then we have a problem.

The answer is in indexing and content control, and maintaining any given resource. If that resource is a youtube video, then we are probably okay because it’s a resource that will probably survive, google keeps everything.
If I understand your current project correctly Michael, you are attempting to build such a resource. I think it critical that you host as much of the content as possible, yourself. This is not so much a case of “control” or copyright, as it is maintaining the resource. And it’s a huge task, for anyone to accomplish. Once the resource is established, anywhere there are current links to external resources, they have to be checked and maintained on a fairly regular basis, or the resource becomes nothing but a set of dead links.

Wherever possible, you should be seeking permission to copy and distribute any content you have not created yourself. Where this is not possible, you need to be maintaining it and checking for dead links on a regular basis. It’s not an enviable task .I dont personally think this site is the best place for such a repository of information, because it’s likely to be hard to find in month or two.

Second comment: While the information is well presented, I think there is room for improvement in your series of before and after photos. I found myself trying to figure out constantly if I was looking at a “before” or “after” photo. Perhaps some text to indicate this might help?

Third Comment:
While I can definitely see the value in this resource, and the link to electrology, I feel what you are describing is a medical proceedure and not electrolysis. It just happens to use the same technology. I am wondering about whether this would be considered something that should be performed by a medical professional, and not on an esthetician level.In my country, I dont think the government would feel differently on this.I have personally seen laser and electrology estheticians, sued by the government and the college of surgeons, for practicing medicine without a license when they decided to try and do facelifts or botox injections from their clinic , in my own city. I’m wondering if this proceedure would be treated similarly, and I’m pretty sure the answer would be yes.


Thanks for the comments. Oh yes, as I said, this vid was done on a VHS set-up and before computer video editing. The photos were 35mm slides and scanned … so the quality is not very good.

I always think that a lecture or a book was valuable if I learned ONE thing from it. Maybe there is at least one thing of value in this “old” video?

Placing this was basically an experiment and the very first day of starting. Meanwhile, we have purchased a couple new computers, high-def cameras and new software … add to that I have “transitioned” from Macintosh to the PC world; now I have to re-learn everything. It feels like 1987 all over again! (Thank God that Windows 8 finally died. Windows 10 is pretty nice.)

The long story about estheticians (and electrologists) doing blood vessel work is a very long story indeed (not very interesting either). Noteworthy: I have a school program that taught the procedure … in 1925! Electrologists have been doing this pretty much since “day one.”

Indeed, there are folks selling T-Tron-type devices to estheticians. I sold my unit (to physicians), until the people selling it for me decided to “go with estheticians” and not doctors; I quit. Thus, the first “clone” was made by the guys that had sold my device and promoted to estheticians. It was (is) called Vascutouch and was made for them by Dectro. Dectro eventually made their own unit. Presently the newest of these devices is being made here in California and promoted by Larry Kunze (an old friend). The unit is called “Thermoclear.” I think the website is: Or you can find it yourself on a Google search.

There are plenty of “grey areas” and this is one of them. The electrologists are still “fighting” over this “issue” and meanwhile estheticians … thousands of them … are doing it! (The “going rate” is $200 for 15-minutes.) I don’t do it.

A LOT has happened since those early years. I’m simply giving out the information. I’ve sold some 5,000 telangiectasia books so “somebody is doing this!” The procedure is legal in many countries including Australia and New Zealand … UK too, I believe. It’s simply part of their regular schooling on the subject.

Thanks again for the thoughtful comments, I really do appreciate it!

Go on Facebook and type in “Thermoclear” to see how all this is going … (The website does not seem to be up at the moment).

“Good old Lorenzo!” Hey, when are we going to have another pizza? This time I’m paying!

Michael I’ll be following your channel and I have fingers crossed that you’ll post some good instructional/lectures on electrolysis! :slight_smile:

Thanks Fenix.

Next weekend I’m going to film a couple items: 2-hand technique, and “fast blend.” And, the critical idea of “loop back.”

New cameras and two new computers (one for me and one for Eric, now in the PC world of HP!). I hope it turns out okay. I’m slowly working on animation so the first vids will be of relatively low production quality. 3 - 5 minutes is my goal (I don’t usually watch longer vids myself … I think, “just get to the point already!”) I’m just as impatient as the kids today.

Next month I have some serious medical cases and I’m hoping they will allow a filming. (Maybe even a “schnitzel” if I get the “okay.”) I’m hoping I can do some post-op plastic surgery cases so you can see how this fixes several common problems. I have one almost ready to “go” … just 4 more weeks of healing at the incision. Appropriate electrolysis can make this “scar” disappear: you’ll see (I hope).

All of you can … should … put your information and ideas on Youtube (free of course). Jossie has shown all of us “the way forward” and I’m taking her seriously. “Information belongs to everybody!” If you have something good, you owe it to all of us to “get it out there!”

I look forward to your contributions to knowledge Michael. And youtube is an awesome tool. That said, sometimes things do get moved, links change, or there are copyright issues . I’m going through one of the threads here currently to update information and about half the youtube videos and picture links or resources that have been moved to other sites no longer exist. I think an index of where things are, and hard copies of backup, are invaluable to maintaining any such resource. The “this is my patented technique” aspect to sharing knowledge brings up all kinds of copyright issues that have to be resolved to maintain such a resource.


Michael I was amazed that some of Josefa’s videos on youtube have over a HALF A MILLION views!! This is the best way to promote electrolysis to the masses. But your project to focus on education/instruction will hopefully help improve the quality of electrolysis out there today and inspire amateurs with solid education.

Whats more impressive fenix is that many of those views were generated from this forum. I’m not aware of seeing links to josepha’s videos anywhere else on the web. This webseite, is an extremely powerful medium.I want you to think about that. If enough of the readers here took the time to read the individual posts of josepha’s to generate that many views, how many exactly are reading on this forum?

Michael are you narrating the videos? The voice belongs on National Geographic or Discovery Channel!

I would like to see a video with tips on proper ergonomics/positions during treatment of different body areas to get most accurate insertions and reducing fatigue. Even in different sections of the same torso hair growth patterns vary and it gets tricky to figure out most efficient and proper positioning. For example the collarbone area is trickiest to do insertions if hair grows pointing up towards direction of the chin. Awkward wrist positioning…

Yes! This is what ive been soooo hoping you would do ! Keep it up! Ant wait to see more videos! THANKS A MILLION !

It is been few days, Josefa made
a video about positioning client during electrolysis treatment. I hope she will put it on YouTube soon. It will be very interesting to see how much her video will coincide with Mike’s. The More we get informations from different sources, the more we progress.

I could actually do a very simple video that shows some of the same. I knew there was a reason I still had the medical bench set up.