Moore Unique Hydroglide Shaving Solution and Body Moisturizer

The ingredients are propylene glycol water, and aloe vera. It lubricates the skin and softens the hair very well.

I’ve tried it on my legs a few times with the Mach 3 Turbo and it works great. You can use it by itself or in combination with your favorite shave gel. If I shave in the shower I use it with Suave Moisturizing Body Wash with excellent results and no cuts. I spray the Hydroglide on first than put the body wash on top of it and lather up.

The Hydroglide can be used by itself too. That comes in handy if you don’t shave in the shower. It is clear and doesn’t make a mess like regular shaving gel. Just don’t get any on the floor as it is very slippery. When you use the hydroglide by itself you must be careful not to press down too hard with the razor or you will wind up with a few cuts.

I use the Hydroglide in combination with Edge Pro shave gel for Tough Beards when I shave my head and it works very well. The Edge gel stays wet longer when used with the Hydroglide solution.

The Hydroglide is a great after shave moisturizer too.

It can be found at some Walgreens or at


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I know this is off topic, and probably a tad silly, but, how do you shave in the shower? I mean, doesn’t the water just wash the gel or cream off the area you are trying to shave? I’m guessing you just have to have a shower big enough to be able to step out of the waters flow.

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That is a good question. Yes, you do need to have a shower big enough to step out of the flow of water. My shower has a seat in it too so I can put my feet up on it to shave my legs.

If you don’t have a seat or step in the shower you are better off shaving your legs in the bathtub.


Andy, what I do is push the showerhead so it doesn’t hit me when I shave my legs. In tiny hotel showers, I’ve set it back to the tub faucet while I stood there or turned it off completely and used a water-filled ice bucket to rinse the blade.

Thanks for the tips :smile:

Just out of interest, is the seat a molded part of the shower or do you just have one sitting in there? It’ll be the first thing I buy if I win the lottery!

The seat in my shower is a slab of marble that attaches to the wall. It is permanent.

I’m sure someone makes portable seats for the shower but I con’t have any links.

One of the links on hairfacts has a small step that can be attached to a wall. It’s just big enough to put your toes on so you can shave your legs. I don’t remember the name of the company though. It can probably be found in the shaving section of hairfacts. It is marketed to cyclists, swimmers and bodybuilders.


i just got the hydroglide seems to be good, wil need to test it on shorter hair though.