Can anyone reccomend a good moisturizer to use after waxing to prevent ingrown hairs???

Also, how important is using a moisturizer, and is it possible to over-exfoliate your skin?


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If you do one thing, then exfoliate… if you can spare the little bit extra, exfoliate and moisturise…

It really depends on your skin type, and how vigorously you exfoliate as to how important moisturising is… my skin can take it or leave it… but other may feel they benefit more from it, if you work in a air-conditioned office all day, or live in a cold climate etc…

You can over exfoliate, but you would notice it… the skin would be tender and almost raw… you don’t need to rub hard… just frequently… and if you want to indulge yourself, them moisturise as well…

As to what moisturiser, well. I think something simple and light, is best, and for males, well, unscented is also recommended… LOL You can try anything from aloe Vera fresh from your garden to a commercial preparation… something light and effective, and relatively cheap is Olay brand… there is one with and one without sunscreen…



This my be a dumb question but what is exfoliate and it helps with in grown hairs?

Exfoliating is the removal of dead skin cells that clog the pores and cause ingrowns.

You can exfoliate by scrubbing with a loofah pad or by using a product like Tend Skin.