moisturisers & exfoliation

Im a male and I have litle knowledge in moisturising gels & exfoliation.
I am new to epilation and havent tried the effectiveness of different products.
Has anybody tried “Vaseline Intencive Care Aloe & Naturals Moisturising Lotion” after epilation ?
I also have a lot of ingrown hairs especially on the chest area. I read somewere else in the forum that exfoliation should reduce ingrowns.
I would apreciate some feedback with opinions and success stories with specific brand names for exfoliation and moisturising.

Immediately after, I recommend an aloe gel rather than a lotion. Lotions contain products that can irritate, and some have lanolin and other emollients withich can increase clogged pores and breakouts. Some people also like witch hazel right after.

A few days after epilation up till your next treatment, you might switch to an exfoliating lotion with Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA). This can help in the removal of deal skin cells and encourage faster turnover to new skin cells.

Be sure to use a mild body scrub in the shower, too. I like Freeman and California Legs brands.

Thanks a lot for the help Andrea.
Sorry, but I forgot to ask another importand question.How often should use the exfoliating lotion after the epilation till my next treatment?

You can use it up to the day before treatment.