Mixed Success With Light Sheer Diode

I’m a type TYPE III or IV. I am Caucasian but almost never burn and tan easily. My family is all pretty hairy on one side (European descent).

For the past year and a half I have been working on several areas for coarse, dark hairs:
Upper lip (actually, the hairs were fairly light here, and I have seen some improvement)
Chin (almost completely clear of hair now)
Breasts - just around the areola (almost completely clear)
Around navel (almost completely clear)

But the area I have been having trouble with is my throat. I got rid of all of the coarse, beard-like hairs very easily, but the thinner (but dark) hairs just won’t go away. They are like the hairs on my arm - soft, but dark and long. I have had probably about 10 sessions now (6-8 weeks apart) and after the first couple of sessions have seen no improvement. I don’t know the exact intensity but she puts it on the highest level possible (quite painful, the follicles “pop”, and there is some minor swelling/redness/scabbing for a few days). I don’t know what else to do. I feel like I’m spending over $100 for glorified waxing at this point. Should I try another laser? Do I need to go more frequently (it takes about 4-6 weeks before I notice regrowth)? Will I always have this?

I’m confused because everything else cleared up really well. There is the odd stray hair elsewhere that was treated but that’s it.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Laser doesn’t work on thin (fine) hair. It only works on coarse dense growth. You need electrolysis for the rest. The hair may be dark enough for laser to make it shed, but it doesn’t have enough pigment to attract enough heat to disable it permanently.

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