mix and match

Yo: Am new guy here. Does anyone use more than one system? I tweeze, probe, and trim.

Yes, I use all sorts of methods, including shaving, rotary epilators, friction, plucking, waxing occasionally, trimming, and electrolysis. Whew! :grin:

Wow, Andrea!!!

That’s about all the methods you’ve got there!
I’ve not been brave enough to try many of them (rotary epilators & waxing…)

I didn’t see “pushing them back in”, listed though - or is it just me who resorts to that? :grin:

(Sorry - weird British humour!)

I still need to go get a threading appointment at a well-known place in the Indian section of Chicago, but I’ve tried a lot of other things, too, including depilatories, home electrolysis, hair inhibitors, Rx oral meds (spironolactone)…

That’s part of the reason I know so much about all this stuff!