missed patches

hi - i’m two weeks post first treatment with Gentlelase bikini & underarms. hairs have been shedding well but there is a small patch under one arm which the operator has obviously missed (those hairs are growing & won’t budge with a gentle tug). should i be going back and asking for a free touch up? given the amount of money laser costs, i don’t think it’s an unreasonable request. anyone have any experience with this situation?

Lollie: that happens with laser treatments, and the hairs will be treated on your next appointment. It’s virtually impossible to target every single hair, which is one reason multiple treatments are necessary. Just mention it on your next visit. Good luck with your treatments. :wink:

I’ve been treated with laser (i’m not sure what types) and this sounds normal. to add to your other response, I was told by my laser hair removal professionals that hair grows in three stages. The hairs you have growing out now in patches may not have been present during your last treatment. It may have been dormant. I saw patches of hair as well in my bikini area. For awhile I called that area the “war zone”. Really odd looking. I saw stripes too, especially on my arms and legs. I’m not trying to scare anyone, but I’m presently on my 13th visit (in 15 months) and I am still not hair free. I was a hairy monster though, so maybe this is normal - who knows? Please see my posting for more of my story, if you’d like.

I’ve had this experience too. After every treatment (I’ve had over a dozen so far) there are always square or stripe-pattern spots that grow back. Small areas like that are missed by the laser, because it’s a pulse-based application.

Even though it can be frustrating, it’s better to have such missed spots rather than overlapping pulses. That would lead to nasty tissue burns.

thanks for the feedback everyone. actually the patch has ended up being quite ‘useful’ as a comparison to see how much the treatment has affected the hair regrowth. i know most of the hair is going to grow back (this was only my first treatment) but i’m enjoying the slowing of the regrowth - it’s been a month since my treatment and there’s so little hair there still that i haven’t had to shave - bonus!