Missed my purpose . A life in hiding.

I feel like I need to express this sorrow , and this is the place to do it.

I feel like I’m hitting a wall and there’s nothing i can do except accept defeat.

I’ve tried years of electrolysis , whenever i could access it. I have paid a ton of money for small areas of my face to really little affect. I have permanent marks around my eyebrows from the zapper that plucked my eyebrows for a couple of years . And the hair on my face just continues to grow in .

To my surprise my short and inexpensive experiment with LHR on other parts of my body have actually worked out very well. However what really is affecting my life are not those other parts of my body , it is the hair on my face that has always been the problem. …and after this many years of doing what i could , I just feel like I have to admit i have no hope of resolving this .

Much of the hair is blonde , much of it is fine , some of it is brown , some of it is dark, but the fact is , my face is covered in a coat of it.

I have at heart always had an adventurous spirit and have had many opportunities to travel and do some exciting things, however most of these opportunities have been missed only because I just can’t do it and still find a way that I can secretly shave , as i do daily.

So I feel like I’m living a life in hiding and have missed so many of my life’s great opportunities . I have been an intelligent , vivacious soul with dreams but it’s put a huge damper on all my possibilities and i can say now since i am reaching a later age , even been a factor in not being able to follow my life’s purpose.

Today it’s hit me like a great wall of deep depression. I know there are bigger problems than hair but today I’m finding myself praying if I have another life i just hope hair doesnt once again make me live a life of hiding when i had so much i wanted to achieve .

Well thanks for being a place i can vent and be understood.

Hey Danika.

Don’t give up!
I know how you feel. It hurts to wake up every day and worry about hair. I’ve had about 6 hours of electrolysis on my face and sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by it all. I just remind myself that one day I will be hair free (and happy!) and all of the stress and fear will go away. I’m currently seeing the only competent electrologist in my state. I’m paying her a lot of money, and I’m putting all my trust in her. It’s kind of stressful because if it doesn’t work out I’ll need to move to another state to find someone else. It sucks to live with this uncertainty but I just got to keep moving forwards.
Don’t ever give up hope. Work hard and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals, just remember to take care of yourself :slight_smile:

Thanks Fuzzface and good luck!

I’m sorry about your plight and sadness, Danika. Something went wrong for you. The Internet is a boundary that does not allow us to explore and really see your face up close. I’m not saying this is YOU, but I have had a few clients who believed that they were NOT finished, but they were finished in my opinion. Their anxiety level was too much for me to handle. I had compassion for them, but truly ran out of words, trying to convince them that all was well.

Electrolysis DOES work for any size of hair, color of hair, any skin color. If it didn’t, how could there still be so much demand for it over 140 years later? If it were a lie or a scam, just how do electrolysis manufacturers stay in business selling equipment and probes? Why am I still going strong in my business? You can only lie to the public so long before market forces (lack of results) put you out of business and many electrologists have more work than they can handle. So electrolysis does not work statements defy the facts.

I think it is important to say that electrolysis did not work for YOU rather than electrolysis does not work. If I had a one on one with you to explore details of your ordeal and if I could work on your face, I’m pretty sure you would be saying that electrolysis does work and it changed your life.

Again, sorry for YOUR particular situation, Danika. I have compassion for your situation.

Thanks dfa, i have no doubt that in a pros hands E works! I believe in it and my sister has had total success on her eyebrows. Its just there are places in the world where there are not pros, and for the face it would require so much work , even Michael Bono has acknowledged this, and at this point i can neither figure it all out to make it happen , realistically , logistically, financially and in a realistic time frame. I still get parts of my face down when i go to cities there may be an E , and if i can do it in a way that it doesn’t affect that holiday, but at this point i am just expressing what feels to be my reality when it comes to this subject. I know you are a good zapper and lucky for those with faces that need treatment who live nearby ! Take care

I understand what you are saying, Danika. (Smile)

I empathize with your situation. I am undergoing electrolysis from 4 years now on my face and sometimes I get so pissed with these E out there. I feel 4 out of 5 E are average to poor.

I am more angry about laser, just because of how it’s marketed.

At least electrolysis is proven to be permanent.

With good electrolysis schools shrinking everywhere in general, expect this to be the norm for consumers. The reality is there are no standards that electrologists or laser people have to adhere to like there are basic standards in medicine and dentistry. So poor work will continue to be rewarded by suffering consumers desperate for permanent results. And hair removal services are not cheap to swallow the wasted monies.

Good luck to all finding your competent professionals and don’t lose hope.