I realize this isn’t quite related to hair removal, but I was wondering if body hair (anything not on top of one’s head) turns gray/white/loses it’s pigmentation. Besides beards/mustaches.


Yes, it all turns “grey” one day.

Actually, it looses pigment and turns white, and then later becomes totally clear like a fiber-optic wire.

This is also related to hair removal because on the one hand white and clear hairs are thicker, deeper and more strongly rooted. They are more difficult to remove. Laser treatments also cause many normal hairs to become white or clear in the process. Those are the hairs they will eventually tell you to “finish with electrolysis”.

James, I was wondering about that. It seems that I had more white hairs after laser than before. But part of that could be that I didn’t notice the white hairs because they were hidden by pelt of balck hair I had on my chest.

Anyways, finishing with electrolysis definitely works.

And yes, it did seem to me that the white hairs are thicker and more deeply rooted. Does that mean that the white hairs have follicles that originate deeper in the skin?


It is just that the process that makes the hairs white/clear also causes the hairs to “dig in”. In general they are thicker in mass, and have a larger epithelium mass anchoring the hair in place. If you took before and after shots of your treated areas, you would have seen that you did NOT have as many of these hairs (if any at all) when you started laser treatment. Laser causes this to happen on 20 year olds who get it done.