Minoxidil effect on electrolysis?

I’m a guy. I’m having electrolysis done on my beard/and cheek area, just trying to lower the beard cheek line. I also did 8 laser treatment on the back of my neck. Now there’s only some fine hair growing there.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been noticing some hair loss/thinning (beginning stage) at the temple areas. A dermatologist suggested that I should start applying minoxidil to prevent further hair loss.

I’ve heard that when you apply minoxidil, it can get into your system and cause hair growth on different areas of your body. But others say that it only affects the area where you apply.

My question to experienced electrologists: Can minoxidil interfere with electrolysis process or laser hair removal (thickening existing hair) if I only apply it on my scalp?


I am not an electrologist however I can shed some light into the medication you are referring to.

I don’t have any personal experience with minoxidil but I have been losing hair lately as well so I looked it up and even watched some videos online on it.

This stuff gets into the bloodstream and I have seen videos that proved it causes hair growth on the body. The amount that gets into the bloodstream is said to be miniscule, like %4 or something but enough to thicken existing hair.

However, I have some personal experiences with other hair restoration products. I don’t remember what it was called (sorry) but I took a pill that increased keratin production to thicken your hair. Before I took this medication, I had no visible hairs left on my fingers and some parts of my body due to the past electrolysis treatments I received but after taking it, I started getting unwanted hair growth in these previously cleared areas.

I hope this message has been helpful to you.