Minimizing Laser Treatments

I’m so glad I found this board! I’ve been trying to figure out the best way for me to get rid of my hair. Every other site I’ve found is pushing a particular product & do not have much unbiased advise. Thanks Andrea!

I think laser will be the way to go for me, but like everyone else, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on it. I am wondering if it would be worthwhile for me to either wax or sugar the areas I want lasered for a few months before the treatment. Will this likely decrease the number of laser sessions I will need?


Katja: I have previously post on this site what I thought was the best way to rid yourself of hair if money is a problem. If you try electrolysis,you can schedule appoinments for as little time as 15 minutes. While you wont get rid of a noticable amount of hair in one session, it wont be long before you say to yourself “wow where did all the hair go” It is just a matter of setting a monthly budget and following it closely. Usually laser covers too large an area at one time with an large cost to go with it. In other words the rate of hair removal cant be spread out as long and therefore the cost of removal can’t be spread as well.This is especially true in the underarm and pubic areas.

Glad it’s been helpful, Katja!

Laser and electrolysis work better on actively growing hairs, so epilation can ensure you are only treating those hairs. This will make more of a money-saving difference with electrolysis. It’s possible it would lower your total laser treatments, but there are no guaranttes. The larger the area, the less likely it will save you a treatment.