MIddle eye brow

heyy there, i was wondering what is the best treatment for if u have some hair in the middle eye brow…tnx soo much…

permanent results will come from Electrolysis - and as it is such a small area, it will be relatively quick to clear it and to get the next growth cycle as well…

It has been suggested before on thsi board that you have a professional ‘shape’ your brows for a natural look - man or woman - and then have the electrolysis operator do the deed…

Check out this thread…

about eyebrows and electrolysis

Goodbye uniBrow!

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ya but i dont need to shape them, i just wanna get rid ov the middle part that connects the two brows…Do u think that Laser would doo it???
and how many session would it take??

tnx for anyone who reply’s :roll_eyes:

Considering the fact that electrolysis would clear out the entire area in the first appointment, and keep it clear, and would give you permanent results in less than 5 hours spread out over 9 to 18 months (during which you would never have visable hair in that area) I don’t see why you would want to risk laser in that area.

It is not just my personal bias, for eyebrows, electrolysis is the safest route to go. You might even have a hard time trying to find a laser person to do that area due to it’s proximnity to the eyes.

Finally, electrolysis will give you permanent hair removal of those unwanted hairs in the brow. What laser offers is “reduction” of the hairs. Since you want NO HAIRS there at all, you should go permanent from the start.

I am not saying you need the whole brow shaped and treated, but just the middle part - how far you go, how you round off the end, that is the sort of thing that will benefit from a professional touch. You want as natural a look as possible, and the experts will help you with that, just tell them what you want…

The LASER in that area is a risky venture - laser WILL cause permanent damage to the eyes if not done 100% correctly, it just takes one slip and you will be regretting it for the rest of your days…


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I’ve been doing laser on my face for a year now and the practicioners are VERY concerned about getting near my eyes. So I would expect that any laser practicioner willing to do a uni-brow is not as careful as should be. My vote is for electrolysis.

TNx u soo much guyssssss for everything…u guys really helped me allot …that was really helpfull…

Andrea: I was ripped off by global electrolysis. Im burned, scared, and out five hundred dollars.What can i do.

I do not recommend laser between the eyebrows for two reasons:

  1. Lasers can damage the eyes very easily, and I think it is best to avoid this risk when performing something like eyebrow removal.

  2. Lasers are not very precise. Just a hair or two can make a huge difference in the shape of a brow, so I recommend a method that treats a hair at a time: either tweezing or electrolysis. Males have to be especially careful, since many cultures consider brows that look shaped to be an effeminate characteristic.

db: I recommend filing a report with the Better Business Bureau and with the Federal Trade commission. I also suggest sending any correspondence you’ve had with these guys, as well as any names of contacts and any phone numbers or addresses. I’d also be interested in your payment info, since you may have their account number. I’d be happy to pass this information on to the authorities.

I’d say just tweeze the monobrow. Chances are you have thick black hair which is pretty easy to grab ahold of. Just be careful not to take off too much.

I’ve been tweezing in between my eyebrows for around 8 years. Once I started doing all the recommended stuff - pulling in the direction of the hair growth without breaking the hair off above the root - regrowth has dropped dramatically.

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