Hey guys, I’m new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone has heard of/had microtrolysis done? I am going in for a consultation next to get work done on my full face, and would like to know if any of you have has better success with this kind of electrolysis. (On their website it says that would have taken 1 year of regular electrolyssis can be done in around 6 months with microtrolysis, 40% more efficient and redness/swelling reduced by 50%) … Thoughts?

would have to know what exactly is being talked about. There are so many scams that use the same terms, that it is hard to know if this is a continuation/reincarnation of a known scam from way back, or some new thing that is unfortunately using the name of a notorious scam.

I already don’t have much faith in it, as 6 months is hardly enough time to treat all the follicles in a given area, as they hairs require more time than that to come into phase at least once. Unless this thing works genetically, I don’t hold out much hope.

Give me the link to their site anyway, and we shall see what it says.

the website is in french… here is what it says:
“En plus de l’électrolyse traditionnelle, le Studio 157 fait figure de proue en vous proposant la Microtrolyse. Une nouvelle technique en matière d’épilation définitive. Il s’agit de l’électrolyse (épilation définitive à l’aide de l’électricité) jumelée à une utilisation d’un microscope de haute technologie pour effectuer de meilleures insertions.”

basically… “a new technique used for permanent hair removal, microtrolysis is electrolysis combined with the use of a high technology microscope to provide better insertions.” (which is why they say it takes less time (because the technician sees better) and causes less irritation (more acurate insertions)

what do you mean, “works genetically” ?

Gee, I did not know that I was practicing “microtrolysis TM” with my stereo scope and gold probes with the Apilus Platinum.

Don’t worry your head with the genetic comment. It is not even a claim they make.

Ok, this is just electrolysis with some better equipment. You will still need 9 to 18 months to get final clearance, but it should work, if it is like you describe.