Hi, found this site through a google search for “microlysis.” However, most of the info on Global Electrolysis Supply is from 2001-2002. Just wondering if anyone has any new information about this procedure?

I ask because the place I’ve been going to for laser hair removal is now suggesting I get microlysis treatment for the areas a laser can’t treat (e.g. around the eyes and brows). So far I’ve had good results with the laser (they use the LightSheer Diode by Lumenis), so it’s pretty disconcerting to learn that this other method they’re recommending is quackery. I haven’t yet asked them what kind of device they’re using or if it’s from Global Electrolysis Supply, but in the meantime I’d appreciate any further info about microlysis and if there is a legitimate version from any other company…

Quack,quack, this should help explain things for you:


Ask them to see their electrologist referral list when LASER can’t finish the job or even safely come close to areas like the eyebrows. Oh, and ask them why they are trying to scam you after you have put a good deal of your trust and hard earned money in their bank account.

Seriously, you really should get electrolysis done for your eyebrows and they have got to know this. too, if they understand permanent hair removal and have your best interests at heart.


“Microlysis” is a methodology which uses “phoresis” to cause a substance to migrate into the tissues of the skin. By applying a negative charge to a substance that has a negative charge, it will cause the ions to migrate into the skin. The converse is true for chemicals that have positive ions.

The problem with this idea as, far as hair removal is concerned, is that hair follicles are protected by an oily substance known as sebum which is not water soluble and is not a good conductor of electricity. This means that “microlysis” has a good chance of burning your skin but will not be effective at hair removal, permanant or otherwise.

Electrologists that use the blend method use “cataphoresis” as an after treatment, but remember that they are working on hair follicles that have had their hair removed. This is used to neutralize the lye produced from the galvanic current, firm the skin, and act as an antibacterial. Not the same thing and only used at the end of treatment.

As Dee said, “Quack, quack…”